Your holi colours are available in the kitchen of your house: know-how

It is often difficult to choose the best colours of holi at an open stall nearby. Here comes a simple home alternative to the colours openly sold in the markets.

India is a land of festivals. I would not be wrong if we say that it celebrates 13 festivals in 12 months.
Holi or the festival of colours is one of India's favorites. This festival implies the colours of happiness which welcomes the new season of spring.
Even though many people love to play Holi, some people try to stay away from it as they are not much comfortable with the usage of the colours available in the market.
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Pahi Sharma, a city-based beauty expert has suggested some alternative colours to celebrate  Holi.  She suggested going for some organic and some natural colours which are easily available at our homes and petals of some flowers like rose and marigold.
Sharma said that every kitchen has some such items which are a perfect replacement to the powders we get in the market. Turmeric can be used as yellow colour as it is good for the skin. Other than that milk powder can be used as a white colour and tea can be finely crushed to get a fine powder.
Life is the most colourful festival, so enjoy every day with happiness
She says that applying eggs to the hair on the day of Holi is good as it provides nourishment to the hair and gives it smoothness. Apart from that tomato can also be applied to the skin as it gives a glow to the skin.
In the same way, watermelon can also be applied as it gives an immediate freshness to the skin due to its high water content.
During the conversation, Pahi made us understand the logic behind wearing white clothes on this occasion.
representative image
Image: representative image
It is believed that the white attire implies a new and fresh starting and the colour are the colours of happiness and joy which is a blessing for the new year which mostly starts with the spring season in India.
She also suggested drinking plenty of water to keep away dehydration during this time of the year.

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