World Walking Day honoured

Sikkim Manipal College of Physiotherapy (SMCPT) carried the baton

Sikkim Manipal College of Physiotherapy, (SMCPT) had celebrated the occasion of World Walking Day on 4th October at its premises by adhering to all social distancing protocols. The event was supported by The Association for International Sports for All (TAFISA) in association with Fit India and International Health and Fitness Association (IHFA).
There was mass participation in the online format too from the students of the institute
In addition, several staff members, post graduate students and interns of SMCPT had volunteered for the event by placing placards and marking points for transfer of the baton. There was mass participation in the online format too wherein students of SMCPT had  uploaded the tracked walking distance by using FIT apps in their respective homes.
The principal of SMCPT, Dr Nikita Joshi, stressed upon the importance of fitness in daily life. "The pandemic has confined people to the indoors majorly and this has brought down the physical fitness index. Hence such events can go a long way in bringing a positive change in an individual," she stated.

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