Works by FSSAI and SFSI appreciated by Union Minster Dr Mandaviya

Observed on 7June , the World Food Safety Day aims to spread awareness among the people

The World Food Safety Day is observed on 7 June. This day mainly aims to spread awareness among the people (consumers) and food vendors regarding the buying and selling of fresh and consumable food.
In an effort to galvanize States/UTs to work towards ensuring safe food for citizens, Union Minister for Health and Family Welfare Dr.  Mansukh Mandaviya released Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI)'s 4th State Food Safety Index (SFSI) to measure the performance of States across five parameters of food safety.
SFSI was started from 2018-19 with the aim of creating a competitive and positive change in the food safety ecosystem in the country. The index will help in providing safe and nutritious food to our citizens.
Speaking on the occasion of World Food Safety Day, the Union Health Minister Dr. Mansukh Mandaviya thanked all the stakeholders and said that such awards help in recognising the efforts taken by people. Dr. Mandaviya emphasized that Nation and nutrition are deeply connected and for a Samruddh Bharat, we need a Swasthya Bharat and for a Swasthya Bharat, we need Swasthya Nagrik.
Speaking on the occasion of World Food Safety Day, the Union Health Minister Dr Mansukh Mandaviya thanked all the stakeholders and said that such awards help in recognising the efforts taken by people.
Dr Mandaviya encouraged the role played by the health and wellness centres under the National Health Mission. "It is important to note that states have an important role in ensuring food safety and healthy food practices. It is the need of the hour that we come together to ensure a healthy nation", he further noted.
The image from today's event
Image: The image from today's event
The Union Health Minister felicitated the winning State/UTs based on the ranking for the year 2021-22 for their impressive performance across parameters. This year, among the larger states, Tamil Nadu was the top ranking state, followed by Gujarat and Maharashtra. Among the smaller states, Goa stood first followed by Manipur and Sikkim. Among UTs, Jammu & Kashmir, Delhi and Chandigarh secured first, second and third rank respectively. Dr. Mandaviya also felicitated the states which showed significant improvement in the State Food Safety Index.
To motivate Smart Cities to develop and execute a plan that supports a healthy, safe and sustainable food environment through adoption of various Eat Right India initiatives, the Health Minister also felicitated 11 winning smart cities of the Eat Smart Cities Challenge, launched by FSSAI last year in association with the Smart Cities Mission under the aegis of Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs (MoHUA). He also felicitated winners of the Eat Right Research Challenge for Cities and Districts and Eat Right Research Awards and Grants.
Dr. Mandaviya further launched various innovative initiatives by FSSAI including the Eat Right Research Awards and Grants Phase II. Eat Right Creativity Challenge Phase III, a competition at the school level and logo for Ayurveda Aahar which contains the initials of Ayurveda and Ahara with 5 leaves symbolising five elements of nature. This logo would be beneficial in creating a unique identity, easy identification and proven benefits to improve health and wellbeing.
Further, the Union Health Minister also released various ebooks that advocate and capture innovative recipes about oil free cooking and sugarless desserts. He also launched various resource books including Khadyanjali, a quarterly magazine published by the Rajbhasha Division of FSSAI; Guidance Document on Food Borne Disease Outbreak Investigation and Microbiological Process Control, Sampling and Testing of Fish and Fishery Products etc.

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