WHO issues food and nutrition tips for Covid patients

WHO lays emphasis on the intake of fresh fruits and vegetables and cutting down on fatty foods

The World Health Organization issues special diet chart for Covid patients all around the globe.
Along with issuing a new food chart, WHO have even requested the patients to modify their eating habits.
Red meat should be completely avoided, white meat should be consumed instead.
It has been said that we should not take vitamins, completely cut down the intake of mutton and pork. Emphasis has been laid on the intake of local chicken instead of broiler chicken. Cheese and butter should be avoided. Sugar and salt should be taken in restricted and minimal amounts. Local and small fishes are the best medicine. Any kind of processed food, packaged food, snacks and chips should be avoided.
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It is not good to consume "too much" refined rice. Brown rice should be avoided. Plenty of fresh green leafy vegetables should be included in the diet. It is strictly notified to drink 8 to 10 glasses of water per day. The refined oil which is used for cooking should be replaced by mustard oil. Olive oil, sunflower oil and cornflower oil can be used. Red meat should be completely cut down. White meat should be consumed instead.
In regards to this diet chart, Dr Abhijit Sharma, the Superintendent of the Guwahati Medical College and Hospital added that plenty of water should be consumed as it drains out the toxins of the body, saturated fats should be cut down. A balanced diet, which includes lots of unprocessed food is very important. Lemon can be taken in the form of juice or tea. Coffee should be avoided as it contains caffeine but it can be replaced by red tea. The unsaturated fat which is present in fish is good for the health. Any kind of vegetable, which grows on and under the soil can be taken but it has to be fresh.

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