Weekly Dose/ Editorial

A new month, new hope and some new plans to help our readers in staying acquainted with some of the best content of the week.

<strong>Darshana Bhuyan</strong>Guest Editor
Darshana BhuyanGuest Editor
Being the first health and wellness portal of Northeast, it is our prime objective to bring to our readers all the issues concerning health and other positive aspects of society.

The month of April brings along a wave of happiness and positivity. Many parts of the country welcome their new year in their traditional style.

It is in April when World Health Day is celebrated across the globe to promote better healthcare to one and all. In respect to World Health Day, we will try to present in front of our readers the success stories of some hospitals in the city of Guwahati.

This week we will feature various articles regarding some issues which is an important part of our society but due to various factors, those remain unspoken.

Keeping in mind the festive season of spring and Baisakhi, our readers will get to read some festive-related contents too.

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