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<strong>Proyashi Barua</strong> - Guest Editor
Proyashi Barua - Guest Editor
The week that passed by had a clear high for Fit NorthEast  as our readership grew almost geometrically. We had some exclusive articles: one that explored the multiple dynamics in the domain of ongoing vaccine trails, one elucidating the need for development journalism in healthcare and another on a unique entrepreneurial venture that among other things also envisages changing the stalemate challenges faced by entrepreneurs in Assam.
The voluntary sector is facing a tough time now because fund crunches (caused by the ongoing pandemic) have immobilized it. Nevertheless some not for profit organizations are soldiering ahead undeterred and the heartening part is that many among these brave NGOs are operating in the domain of healthcare. A crisp write-up on how the Voluntary Health Association of Tripura is continuing its vision was a case in point. It has been received well by our readers.
The coming week shall be a mix of offbeat features and incisive news articles and reports. I can assure you that in the latter category, our correspondents from Meghalaya and Tripura particularly shall not disappoint you.
Healthcare education has to undergo a paradigm shift because coronavirus has taught us that no curriculum can be sufficiently equipped to handle health emergencies. Our senior correspondent from Arunachal Pradesh  brings you an in-depth feature on the same subject. Do also read our unique take on the physical, emotional and mental benefits of essential oils.
I have stated this before that in my editorial capacity I maintain a pronounced focus on mental health and wellness. So this week, I shall explore some unspoken truths about the impact of festivals on the human psyche. Moreover COVID has challenged (if not transformed) our notions of festivals. I believe we definitely need conversations around this.
Be it sleep hygiene or ongoing research in the biggest spheres of medical science, Fit Northeast has an unflinching commitment to bring you the best, the latest and the most comprehensive in terms of news and views.
So do continue to encourage us with your association and feedback as we start a fresh week with the hope of influencing you (all our readers) to embark on your individual journeys of wellness and good health.

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