We get you thinking on health yet again

So do keep reading and encouraging us as we march ahead into another week

<strong>Proyashi Barua</strong> - Guest Editor
Proyashi Barua - Guest Editor
Ever wondered where all the medical waste goes to? Is there a proper disposable system that facilitates biodegradation? Concerns related to medical waste have magnified in this COVID era. With this thought in mind, we bring you an exclusive feature on medical waste by our senior most correspondent in the coming week.

There is an adage that people should eat the fruits (and vegetables) that a season offers. Winter is fast approaching. So are you eating right for winter? After all immunity is also about eating right and do we not need generous dollops of immunity in these COVID ridden times? To address this concern, we have a light, fun yet informative read for you.

Some concerns in healthcare will always remain pivotal and their importance cannot be overemphasized. For instance government initiatives taken to reduce maternal mortality and boost the health and nutrition needs of pregnant women and lactating mothers is one such area. The need for futuristic research is yet another.

Moreover, today there is an acute need for more plasma donors in combating critical COVID cases. So what exactly are the government and stakeholders in healthcare delivery doing about this widening need? We bring you some hard facts/answers.

The week ahead shall also see some incisive and offbeat features on local entrepreneurship and the larger impact of such entrepreneurial ventures in terms of community wellness. Well they say that good health is all in the mind and it pays to be cautious about health. However, over caution can lead to an obsession too and ultimately hypochondria. We get you a low down on this debilitating mental condition.

The last week had some exclusive features pertaining to the pharmaceutical industry and cooperative run hospitals, which we sincerely hope have lent you rich insights into lesser known facts (facts that are not easily available in the public domain).

We also tried to spread a little cheer by bringing you positive news features from the region; the resilient state of the rubber industry in Tripura (during the lockdowns and ongoing pandemic) and Sikkim's full fledged transition to organic farming were two such features. A heartening case of how a COVID positive patient with a critical head injury was saved and cured in a non covid hospital at Gangtok was another positive news.

So do keep reading and encouraging us as we march ahead into another week with the promise to bring you realistic and informed views while trying to spread the message of good health and the need for a positive mind.

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