We all need to look up to someone

Mentors-yes these are the people who we need for greater personal and professional wellness

Learning is a lifetime process which ends only after a person breathes their last. Learning does not always involve a school, an office or a formal institution because one can imbibe knowledge from anywhere regardless of the location. Most of the successful icons around the world have become successful because they had a mentor who inspired them into becoming what they are now. It really doesn't matter if a person is a professional or a beginner, a mentor or a teacher is always required to instruct and guide them even at their highest and also at their lowest point. After all, no matter how great a person is or how grand his/her business may appear to be, one small error is all that it takes for everything to crumble. Therefore in order to learn from one's mistakes and carry forward with an improvised approach, we need a mentor who can guide us through the complexity and uncertainty of life
Mentors are essentially people who have an extraordinary and indelible impact on the lives of others
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Mentors are essentially people who have an extraordinary and indelible impact on the lives of others. They are generally accomplished people with values and principles. Empathy, patience and genuine concern for others are the most important hallmark of a good mentor. If we do not have a mentor that we can personally confide in we can always look up to someone who inspires us and that someone becomes our mentor. This inspiration can be a singer, a writer, a pilot, a sportsman etc. The important thing is to internalize the views and ideas of our chosen mentor. A mentor can also be someone from a different continent with whom we might not have any direct contact. In this era of technology, it is very easy to keep ourselves updated with news from across the world. Thus we can follow the people who inspire us through their social media accounts and handles. Unfortunately, today many from the younger generations are looking up to people with a history of crime and violence. It is really critical to have the right mentor. And for this to happen we should question ourselves and introspect on the types of influences/influencers we let into our lives.

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