Vaccine wise? Better safe than skeptical

Here are some views in relation to the ongoing vaccination drive

India is currently executing the world's largest COVID 19 vaccination campaign with an approximate estimation of more than 300 million beneficiaries. The first batches of vaccines are being administered to frontline workers, hospital staffs, doctors etc.Although the Government of India is positive that the entire nation shall be vaccinated and free from the virus by this year, there are a lot of questions and dilemmas among the common people. Many people are reluctant to get themselves vaccinated even though the risk of getting infected with the virus is actually far higher and clearly more dangerous.
Incidentally, there have been some obnoxious rumors circulating on social media and other news outlets that the COVID 19 vaccine bears the mark of the Devil which is the number 666. Consequently, it is being rumored that many Christians are unwilling to get themselves vaccinated.In some of the northeastern states of India, a majority of people are unwilling to get themselves vaccinated. Their justification is that since they are already following every SOP laid down by the WHO and the Government of India they shall remain insulated against the virus.
Some people say that since they are already following every SOP laid down by the WHO and the Government of India they shall remain insulated against the virus
A recent interview with a nurse from a hospital in the northeast suggests that she along with her fellow nurses have all decided against vaccination. They have even refused to enter their names on the vaccination list. When asked as to why they are not going to get vaccinated, the nurse on grounds of anonymity replied that the risk is far much greater than the virus itself.
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A senior citizen, who also did not want to be named said, "I believe that this vaccine shall prove to be the ultimate cure and that the COVID 19 virus will be completely wiped out. I was also infected last year and had to be bedridden for more than three months. Infact, I was put on the ventilator. Had it not been for that machine, I would not have been alive to share my thoughts. I have vaccinated myself and now I feel more at ease."
When asked about what he thinks of those who are skeptical about the vaccine, he replied saying that people have every right to think as they like. However, according to him even if the youngsters are reluctant, the people who are above 60 should consider taking the vaccine. "There are more old and damaged lungs than new and functional breathing machines," he somberly remarked and added, "It is better to keep aside all these skeptical thoughts and get vaccinated because if the second wave of the virus hits us, we shall all be history."

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