Vaccination and wellness rules this week

Yes that's right …our articles shall largely be a mix of these topical concerns

<strong>Proyashi Barua</strong> - Guest Editor
Proyashi Barua - Guest Editor
Vaccination is the flavor of conversations and buzzword of speculation and analysis in India at the moment. As the world's biggest vaccination drive is rolling out in our country, people of the country and world over are watching on keenly with hope, euphoria and even a few shades of apprehension.

Hence this week we shall be covering various concerns and developments within the gamut of vaccination. Our erudite correspondents shall incisively analyze thoughts expressed from a cross section of society on receiving the vaccine and present their insightful views as to whether global stockpiles of the covid vaccine are required in the coming times.

An article celebrating the fortitude and resilience of the collective human spirit in terms of fighting the pandemic and its odds sure deserves space during this week along with a conversational piece on the health and wellness goals of people in this fresh decade (starting 2021).

Wellness is a 360 factor and cannot be constrained to just physical and mental health. Therefore we bring you a few 'feel good' features like the state of women empowerment in Sikkim and how Arunachal Pradesh is now deciding to employ porters (like in the British era) to transport food grains in remote areas in a bid to aid community wellness.

A short piece on gastronomical delights and beverages of Sikkim and an article on how the human race can switch to biodegradable alternatives of plastic are also slated.
We are all looking to pack our bags and travel again this year. But is the travel industry equipped like before? In order to arrive at some answers we try and get you an article on the outlook of the tourism industry in one of the states of north east India that is (at one level) synonymous with its tourist destinations.

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