Ushering a new chapter in healthcare for North East India

Through my first editorial piece I wish to orient you with our vision and solicit your continued engagement and support in terms of readership

<strong>Proyashi Barua</strong> - Guest Editor
Proyashi Barua - Guest Editor
As the world grapples with an unprecedented pandemic a slew of questions crowd the minds of people. Will COVID 19 recede on its own and die a natural death? Will people acquire herd immunity that will insulate against future recurrences of the viral strain? Will a formidable vaccine and medicines come to the rescue soon? Though the breakthroughs in vaccine development and trials are heartening, the discerning sections of the medical fraternity are not without apprehensions. After all vaccine developments in the past have entailed years. So will the proposed COVID 19 vaccines undergo all the complex protocols in the preclinical and clinical research stage?
While ruminating on these obvious questions people are realizing that there are bigger questions in healthcare that we as a human race have conveniently ignored. Has there been sufficient engagement and investment in research? Have global and national healthcare policy makers really accorded the necessary attention to preemptive research particular in the domain of virology? Has there been sufficient research on alternative medicinal systems? A section of people are even wondering if as a global community we have shortsightedly subscribed to a healthcare ecosystem that is largely driven by commercial considerations.
It would perhaps not be an exaggeration to say that the silver lining of COVID 19 is that healthcare will now always command a pivotal focus within every policy, programme and initiative that is engineered for growth and development. After all the entire world has well understood that if healthcare is neglected or even sidelined the ramifications on every sphere of human activity is simply calamitous.

Fit Northeast at one level has been conceived with this understanding. We want to empower every north easterner with informed choices on healthcare and wellness. While health has a universal language and requires a global approach we cannot overlook the need to streamline policies and programmes with a glocal focus. This is a parallel overriding essence of Fit Northeast.

There will be a special focus on child welfare, women welfare, youth welfare, welfare of underprivileged sections and geriatric care. Our content is essentially a mix of news and views and we solicit your active engagement through our debates, opinion polls and community journalism initiatives. Our site shall also translate into a ready reckoner in terms of hospital and clinic facilities and healthcare products. While we shall enlist these services with due diligence we encourage your feedback and ratings. You can choose from a panel of doctors for customized health consultations.

In my editorial capacity I would like to say that as a news and views site, Fit Northeast envisages to be an honest partner in your quest for answers and solutions in the ever evolving landscape of health and healthcare. We shall consistently and tirelessly endeavour to raise the right questions and concerns among the healthcare professionals and subject experts and examine their answers objectively in the light of your informed views.

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