Universal Health Coverage Day: History and significance

The United Nations has directed the fellow states to ensure cent per cent availability of the medical facilities to all

The Universal Health Coverage Day is observed on December 12 every year. Each year, this celebration marks the resolutions taken by the United Nations to promote and provide affordable, quality health care to every person in every nook and corner of the world. It is a global movement for 'health for all.
The Universal Health Coverage means even the poorest in the country should have access to healthcare facilities, which will include the full range of services starting from prevention, treatment, hospital care to pain control.
The moment from the event
Image: The moment from the event
This will be done by the cost-shared through pre-payment and risk pooling rather than shouldered by the sick. The access should be based on need and unrelated to the ability to pay.
All the United Nations members have taken up the goal to achieve Universal Health Coverage by 2030.
All the United Nations members have taken up the goal to achieve Universal Health Coverage by 2030.
The guide aims to share specific tools to help you call on policy and decision-makers to focus on improving any and all of the three pillars of Healthy systems for universal health coverage - a joint vision for healthy lives (joint vision): service delivery, health financing and governance.
The award which was  received.
Image: The award which was received.
One form of universal healthcare is when the government pays for the healthcare needs of its residents (aka "free" healthcare). This is often called the "single-payer" system. A country may have universal healthcare, in a sense, through legislated, expensive mandatory insurance coverage.
This day also plays a significant role in identifying all the loopholes in the medical system of any country.
On December 12, 2021, the United Nations General Assembly established a resolution to urge the nations to fasten the progress of Universal Health Coverage. This year's theme was 'Leave No One Behind When It Comes to Health: Invest in Health Systems for All'.
Representative image
Image: Representative image
Every year several programs are organized at state and district levels to carry out screening under various areas. It was Assam, that received the third prize in NCD Screenings under the North East and Hilly and the Tribal States today at the Universal Health Coverage Day Event in New Delhi.

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