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India's Indigenous kit Truenat gets approval from DCGA

It is RT-PCR which has been used for a quick diagnosis of Covid-19. While people were busy in the vaccination drives throughout the world, the Nipah virus started affecting lives in Kerala. It became ...

Article about 7 days ago

Virus tests in Meghalaya are now getting expensive

Nothing is free in Meghalaya. At a time when states like Karnataka, Haryana, Orissa and Gujarat (beside others) have slashed rates for RTPCR testing; the Meghalaya Government has put a cap of Rs 3,200 ...

Article about 11 months ago

How sharp is the Rapid Antigen testing edge of Assam?

On 3rd July the Assam Government had introduced the Rapid Antigen Testing method in the state in a bid to drive greater efficiencies and speed into the testing and screening process. A Rapid Antigen ...

Article about 1 year ago