Drinking and smoking have become a trend among the young generation, irrespective of gender.

Tobacco is consumed across the globe to a great extend. The high consumption rate of the same is viewed as a serious concern.
It can be in the form of smoking or chewing. The scariest scenario is that there is no age bar among the consumers. People from varied age group consume tobacco where many consumers are addicted to it at a very early age.
Tuberculosis (TB), High blood pressure, intestines or stomach problems, cancer, heart attacks, strokes, Type 2 diabetes and pneumonia, are some significant harmful impact it has on the health, which can be a lifelong defect. It not only destroys physical health. It also has an adverse effect on mental health, which may hamper the strength of a person's memory capacity.
Prior knowledge about the ill effects of tobacco consumption doesn't restrain the consumers from consuming those harmful substances. It may be due to the presence of nicotine or some addictive chemical or substances. To give up tobacco addiction can be challenging.
However, one can seek help through medical consultation alongside guidance from a counsellor.
A pregnant woman who consumes tobacco has a higher risk to develop ill effects on the baby. A baby in the womb of a mother's stomach may develop abnormalities at its initial growth stage.
Tobacco consumed in the form of smoking is not harmful only to the consumers, but those inhaling the smoke from a smoker considered as second-hand smokers are likely to be on the high-risk side. Second-hand smoke exposures will also be affected by the same health problems as the consumers.
To give up tobacco addiction can be challenging. However, one can seek help through medical consultation alongside guidance from a counsellor.
Hence, a pregnant woman consuming tobacco, either in the form of smoking or chewing, has an increased risk in both the mental and physical health of the baby.
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A pregnant woman who smokes or chews tobacco also has high chances of miscarriage, premature birth, or disorder in the physical health during childbirth. There can be an immense risk of death during infancy.
Even if the baby survives the above-stated effects, the baby may develop learning and behavioural problems. Apart from those, there are additional adverse consequences that can affect the child in their growing years.
According to certain researches, the chain of tobacco consumption from parents to children may be an indirect effect caused by the mother due to excessive tobacco consumption during pregnancy.
Hence, to reduce the risk of harmful impact on the baby in the course of pregnancy, pregnant women must refrain from feeding the developing baby with tobacco.
In the course of the pregnancy period, a woman may crave to eat varieties of food that could be healthy and harmful alike. During such time, one should be mindful of the significance of the baby's safety. As the health of the mother is the prime concern to give birth to a healthy baby.
Therefore, to ensure the birth of a healthy baby, if a pregnant woman has a prolonged unfortunate habit of being exposed to tobacco consumption, she must consult for medical help along with seeing a counsellor.

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