To do this or to do that?: here comes a solution

Since the outbreak of covid 19, we have come across many does and don't regarding how to tackle this virus. This article presents some common myths and facts regarding covid-19.

It was in March of 2020 when the first case of Covid -19 was detected in India.
Since then, it has always been a year. Since the starting of covid 19, various initiatives have been issued by the government, which has been followed by the people to stay protected from Covid 19.
During the entire phase of this one year, we have gone through various myths regarding the disease.
Speaking about the mask, myths were there that prolonged use of the mask obstructs the quantity of oxygen going to our body causing carbon dioxide intoxication but the fact says that prolonged use of medical mask does neither causes carbon dioxide intoxication nor oxygen deficiency.
At the end of the day, the goals are simple: Safety and Security
There were myths that the younger and the older people are more susceptible to Covid. In that context, World Health Organisation (WHO) says that people in the older and younger age can be infected with covid-19. Older people and others having pre-existing medical conditions such as asthma, diabetes and heart disease appear to be more vulnerable to becoming severely ill with the virus.
Representative image.
Image: Representative image.
A lot of buzzes was there regarding the intake of antibiotics in keeping Covid-19 at a bay. The fact says that antibiotics work only against bacteria, not viruses. Covid-19 is caused by a virus, and therefore antibiotics should not be used for prevention or treatment.
In this context, some people were even confused that what is the cause of covid? Was it a virus or a bacteria? As the name suggests, Coronavirus is caused by a virus called coronaviridae.
Another speculation was there regarding the temperature of the weather. Answering it, World Health Organisation said that covid-19 has nothing to do with the weather.
To protect ourselves, the only precautions we can take is wearing a mask, avoid touching the nose, mouth and eyes.

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