This is why we want you to think a little more about health

After all the coming times shall all be about health and wellness

<strong>Proyashi Barua</strong> - Guest Editor
Proyashi Barua - Guest Editor
Keeping in line with our commitment to bring you offbeat features, the past week had some articles like how biomedical waste needs to be scientifically disposed and how Sikkim Tourism is back on a rebound by following stringent COVID containment protocols.

The biological benefits of classical dance and the seriousness of hypochondria on psychological and physical health were articles that were envisaged to set you thinking about the fact that there is more to health than what is apparent and obvious. An article on how women street vendors of Nagaland are making a positive difference in terms of reviving the state's economy had reiterated the importance of local enterprise and how the pandemic has necessitated the need for people to introspect more deeply in this direction.

The coming week shall continue the trend of offbeat features. In addition we shall bring you some exclusive news features on antibody development, the existing scenario of plasma donation in the country and a unique path breaking brain surgery that recently took place in Sikkim.

In my editorial capacity, I believe that good health and wellness in all spheres of life is going to be the overriding flavor of the world at large in the coming days, weeks, months and years. And at Fit Northeast we are committed (through our content) to shape meaningful concerns, conversations and insights around health and wellness so that people become active stakeholders in the evolving health and wellness ecosystem/landscape. After all health is too precious and personal a concern to be left in the hands of administrators and even healthcare workers alone.

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