Think your way to good health

Positive uplifting thoughts like gratitude can prevent or even heal the mind and eventually the body from ailments

Think positive is a buzzword that went from being a fad to a cliche really quick. The internet is abuzz with lifestyle gurus and coaches reiterating the importance of positive thinking. Boring or not boring, it turns out that these are more than just lame sermons.There is an undeniable scientific weightage to it. A growing body of research has confirmed that thoughts havea powerful impact on physical and mental health. While chronic anxiety and negative self-defeating thoughts cripple the body and mind, positive uplifting thoughts like gratitude can prevent or even heal the mind and eventually the body from ailments. 
Suppressed thoughts and emotions, like guilt, fear, anger, revenge, hopelessness, etc. that get stored in the body as energy ultimately manifests itself in the form of diseases.Likewise, cynicism, blame-game, being rigid to change where change is needed,malevolence and antagonism can have a profound negative impact not only on the mind but also on the physical body. he mind tricks us into believing many negative thoughts. Eventually, these thoughts make a pattern. If these thoughts are toxic, it would affect the body in more ways than one creating diseases of lungs, liver, kidney, or heart. 
Thoughts affect each one of us just that some people are naturally aware of how it is affecting them. Once aware, one can empower themselves to consciously detach from those thoughts and let them go. Empaths, who form 15-20 percent of the world population, are more susceptible to it. They are like psychic sponges that feel and absorb every energy around them.  Imagine someone feeling every bit of pain, rejection, hurt, frustration in the same degree for you as you. That's an empath for you. 
Science has confirmed that empaths have more active mirror neurons that make them more sensitive to thoughts and energy around them. While over-sensitivity is often mocked in an ever-competing unkind world, this sensitivity is nothing short of power. Empaths are natural healers. For these people, it is life-saving to learn how to detach from their thoughts from time to time. Mainstream science is slowly delving into these territories. 
The effect of positive optimistic thoughts has long inspired cure through the Placebo effect in medicines. Even in the case of incurable diseases, we have heard doctors say patients would recover faster if they believe they would. Thankfully, the switch to control our thoughts is in our hands!
Thankfully, the switch to control our thoughts is in our hands!
The most effective way is to delve into a journey of self-awareness through yoga and meditation and letting go of thoughts that are not serving the body. Yoga and meditation gurus have long claimed that negative thought creates blockages in the chakras or the energy centers in the body.I happened to see the proof of it multiple times most recently during Yoga Teacher's training course. People have broken down to tears while performing the heart-chakra opening asanas or the hip-opening exercises. These tears were nothing but release of the repressed emotions that were stored as energy in various joints.  Yoga effectively releases pent up emotions which have a direct effect of healing pain from the source.In this context, the healing effect of prayers is undeniable. Prayers are sustained thoughts and positive repetitive uplifting thoughts can be instrumental in changing a person's psyche that can enable fast healing from diseases. 
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Good thoughts bring about a quantum shift from a lower vibrational state to a more uplifting higher vibrational state thereby enhancing mental faculty, improving physical mental health, and building better emotional resilience. It is wise to consciously learn how to replace every negative thought with its positive counterpart while embracing the emotions and understanding its message like the following: 
Pain is  Learning, Hardships are Challenges, Defeat in love translates to Value yourself more, love yourself more, Lonely becomes Work on feeling whole on your own and Fear becomes Opportunity to work on your strength. Several experts stress on the crucial 21-day period to make a habit. 
A Stanford Forgiveness Project that trained 260 adults in forgiveness during a 6-week course had remarkable findings. 70 % of people experienced less hurt, 13% less anger and 27 % percent showed a drastic reduction in overall body pain and gastrointestinal disorders and better immune systems. Similarly, love makes us look more beautiful and this isn't a figment of the imagination. Even if alternate therapies like hypnotherapy, shamanic healings, and meditation, etc. are met with sardonic grins from closed, intellectual minds, their health benefits are priceless. Hypnotherapy takes a person to an altered state of consciousness to explore deep hurt and pain points from not only this lifetime but from many past lives. It has helped people released negative thoughts locked up for years and lifetimes.
According to a 2015 study, hypnotherapy resulted in a decrease of 76% of refractory irritable bowel syndrome. Switch words too have been on the rage lately. Though it is veracity is not scientifically backed up yet, there are many anecdotal shreds of evidence to the efficacy of switch words to attract positive experiences and thoughts. 
It may not be possible to be positive all the time. After all, shit happens! What we could do is to learn how to detach from thought while being conscious of it. Luckily for us, our brains can be hardwired to think good thoughts. Of course, it wouldn't come in a single day. It needs conscious training and practice. When you face the sun, the shadow is left behind. The ability to see the brighter side always has perks. Sooner you realize these and implement changes accordingly; your body would be ready to thank you. 

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