There is always a lot more to health

So let's get talking about many more things that matter

<strong>Proyashi Barua</strong> - Guest Editor
Proyashi Barua - Guest Editor
The definition and parameters of good health are constantly expanding and evolving. So what are the things that facilitate good health? We at Fit Northeast believe in going beyond the straitjacketed factors like nutrition, exercise, routine medical checkups etc. Needless to say, anything that causes a rush of endorphins is a good health factor.

Hence in the week ahead, we bring you an incisive feature on the therapeutic impacts of pets and one on how hobby groups facilitate holistic wellness. We also believe in challenging age old social norms that restrict a human being's right to express emotions and views. After all, suppression of any kind translates to diseases and this has been backed by medical research.

The week ahead will have an exclusive feature on multiple dynamics of the pharmaceutical industry and a refreshing read on how Sikkim migrated to organic farming.

We have all greatly (and perhaps silently) wondered how safe sex really is in the ongoing pandemic? Has it perhaps been instrumental in spreading the virus (at a near colossal scale) in our country? Well you need not wonder much as we get you the answers and insights from medical experts.

Want to know more about healthcare cooperatives and the latest medical research in the region? We shall strive to give you a comprehensive perspective in relation to these subjects.

In a nutshell I want to assure you that the week ahead will have a more varied staple of features and Fit Northeast exclusives. So do stay tuned and keep reading and encouraging us. We are sincerely questing for the right questions in health, healthcare and wellness and hope that you too identify the right questions and perhaps arrive at some right answers.

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