The rich and vanishing music of the Northeast

In the days when Heavy Metal and Rock Music dominated the music era, there were a lot of bands emerging from the Seven Sisters

Music connects people. Through its chords, it often creates meaningful relationships among strangers. Music is also the healing and guiding light for many a battered and lost soul. After all through music we can express everything that resides in our hearts and souls. Simply put music is indeed the language of the heart and the soul.
The northeastern states of India known for their rich culture, heritage and traditions are also synonymous with talented musicians, music bands and artists. Music has had an entrenched presence in the lives of northeasterners from time immemorial as is evident in the folklores.
In the days when Heavy Metal and Rock Music dominated the music era, there were a lot of bands emerging from the Seven Sisters. Though that era has ended, the echoes of the rock genre have remained with a lot of youngsters who even today strum on their guitars as a tribute to their favourite rock legends. Some of the bands include UDX, Panacea, Yavana and many more. Most of the bands that started during the 80's couldn't be traced back because they were popular only in their states. There was no media coverage and technology was very unsophisticated and elementary at that time. Moreover, owning a camera was a privilege of the rich during that period. Now that the old guys have left their mark, bands like Ambush, Lords of Rock, Alobo Naga & The Band, Soul Mate, Lucid Recess etc have come into existence and they are showing the upcoming generation how incredibly important music really is and its impact on human life.
Technology has changed a lot of things for good and worse in the world of music
When the wave of modernization started sweeping the world, the northeastern way of traditional music upgraded to Rock and Heavy Metal music. Westernization played a vital role for the genesis of modern music in the Northeast. It was bands like Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, AC/DC, Guns & Roses, Motorhead, Poison, Kiss etc that influenced the birth of 80's rock and heavy metal music in the northeast. However, things began to take a drastic turn after the coming of technology. It introduced a whole new level of music genres starting from pop, EDM, rap etc. The flipside of technology entering the music industry is that while people are getting addicted to techno-beats they have lost interest (or atleast become less inclined) in recognizing raw talent. This has been a deterrent for many serious upcoming musicians  This doesn't mean that artists of today do not have talents, they do. However, sometimes the wrong person gets to wear the golden crown because of their influence in the virtual world.
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Also, unfortunately today a lot of northeasterns in their quest for modernity have forsaken their roots. Music is not an exception and this explains why indigenous music from the region has not been adequately portrayed in the national and international circuit. The frontman of Unholy Patriots from Nagaland says very aptly, "We are leaving behind our own traditional music, which once defined us, by chasing after different genres of music. We have actually strived so hard to make a name for ourselves in the world of modern music that it might just be too late for us to connect back to our own roots. Therefore, embrace the modern life, but always connect and stay firm to one's own culture and tradition".
There is a good side too of technology in the world of music. Today many more artists are being recognized for their talents through social media platforms and other digital outlets which is definitely one way of showcasing talents and skills of the northeast. Therefore, let us be vigilant that technology does not shadow our musical legacy but helps in leveraging it to the world.

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