The importance of post-vaccination care

The country is heading towards getting a protective shield as an ample number of people have successfully taken vaccination. The vaccination period is very crucial. It is imperative for us to follow some guidelines post-vaccination.

The rapid increase of Covid-19 cases in India has been a principal cause of concern for everyone. People from every sector, coupled with the government, are putting their complete efforts into getting a maximum number of people vaccinated as soon as possible with a hope to stay away from further complications.
As the vaccination drive is in progress in many places, people are taking exceptional initiatives in getting themselves along with others vaccinated.
But before vaccination, it is essential to know what care is to be exercised to avoid or cope with issues that might be faced post-vaccination.
Dr Hitesh Baruah
Image: Dr Hitesh Baruah
These issues can either be pain or some inflammation in the vaccinated area, fever and body ache etc.
During an interview with Fit Northeast, the managing director of Nemcare Hospital cum doctor, Dr Hitesh Baruah, said that many people often evade getting vaccinated, fearing that they might suffer from fever. That has caused many people to avoid vaccination. Dr Baruah opined that if one suffers from fever or any manner of discomfort in the body, it is indeed a good symptom. It is, in fact, a natural phenomenon that takes place in the body. One should not get scared when that happens. The fever or related issue in the body confirms the antibody production in the body, which prepares the body to fight the disease.
Dr Baruah opined that if one suffers from fever or any manner of discomfort in the body, it is indeed a good symptom. It is, in fact, a natural phenomenon that takes place in the body. There is nothing to get scared about it.
Hence a mild fever accompanied by body pain or some lethargic feeling for a few days post-vaccination is perfectly normal, and there is nothing to worry about when that happens. But at the same time, we should take some precautions for the next few days of vaccination.
As we all know, how beneficial water is for our body. It not only keeps us dehydrated but also flushes out all the toxins from our body. It is indeed helpful when a person suffers from Covid or any variety of other viral infection. The Covid health officials advise the patient to drink as much water as he/she can to flush out the virus. Other options like coconut water, fresh fruit juice or infused water are also good alternatives to water.
Next to water, the second most important thing is rest. The post-vaccination period is the time when the body builds antibody against the disease. This process might lead to discomforts like joint pains, headache and nausea apart from fever. One must have a sound sleep, take a rest and be stress-free during these days. Doing so will support the immunity of the individual and help the vaccine to built antibody.
representative image of vaccination
Image: representative image of vaccination
One should never rub the area where one gets pricked immediately after the needle withdraws from the body. In certain instances, there might be some pain or heaviness felt on the hand, along with some redness and soreness at the injection site. In such a case applying an ice pack is a pretty good option that will relieve the pain reduce the swelling.
Everything to a limit is good. In this case, if a person notices that his fever or any bodily discomfort is increasing, he or she should immediately consult the doctor and start necessary medicates to provide relief.

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