Success is ultimately an internal journey in wellness

One must treat their smallest successes in the same way that they would treat their mega achievements and milestones

While for most people success means a lot of things, for some others who are less fortunate; getting to live a normal and healthy life everyday is success in itself.
So what does success really mean especially for the younger generations? Does it mean being financially stable at a really young age? Does getting married to a beautiful man or woman spell success? Or does success connote a steady and stable job?
Fit Northeast spoke to two people (belonging to two different age groups) and arrived at an unconventional take on success. Tom Buschetta (named changed on request) who is in his mid 30's is an entrepreneur. When asked if he wishes to be successful or if he thinks he is already successful, he replied, "I am grateful that I have had my fair share of success. I am definitely not a millionaire but even though my business is still at an infant stage, I can foresee the finish line."
Success doesn't mean being a billionaire or having big mansions or driving the best vehicles. Success in its simplest form means happiness and contentment
He elaborates, "Most people somehow think that entrepreneurs in Nagaland shall eventually fail. Initially I also had the same notion. However I soon realized that if you start your own business with such pessimistic notions you are bound to fail. I then started envisioning a successful beginning with a successful end result. I must say that after numerous trials and errors, I have tasted both success and failure. Let me tell you that being disheartened at your first failure is like setting off on the wrong foot to conquer the Everest. While I won't necessarily state that I am successful I am self assured that I shall reach the finish line to success. And as of now, I am content with whatever I have achieved. As an entrepreneur, the first step is to know one's role and be aware of what your target consumers want. Philosophically I would say that I am on the slower but steadier path to success and with the energy called 'patience' to achieve that success, I definitely feel that I am on the right track".
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A 50 year old wealthy businessman from Nagaland who is also known for his possessions and his knowledge and generosity was the next person who spoke to Fit Northeast. Anthony Casso (name changed on request) said, "I feel most people especially youngsters wish to be successful overnight. However, overnight success happens only in movies or if you deal in drugs and other outlawed products or things. I started my journey as a businessman by selling small vehicle parts. I had the vision right and slowly people started appreciating my services. Today I have more than 10 vehicle showrooms along with some clothing and electronics shops. If you wish to be successful, you should have a vision, a vision that one day you will achieve big. But you must first remind yourself and accept that there will be plenty of trials and errors."
Casso believes that one must treat their smallest success in the same way that they would treat their mega achievements and milestones. He is a man of no regrets and believes that all the ups and downs of his entrepreneurial journey that he had started at the young age of 25 had their own lessons to teach him. Cassa philosophically concludes that success doesn't mean being a billionaire or having big mansions or driving the best vehicles. "Success in its simplest form means happiness and contentment. So, it is true that good health, mental wellbeing, quality relationships, meaningful careers etc are all an integral part in achieving success."
A serious reflection on the words of these two gentlemen will definitely realign our perspective towards success. For success is not just an external manifestation (reward) of efforts. It is indeed an internal journey in wellness.

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