Some simple tips to lead a healthy life

In the present day , we are somewhere ignoring ourselves but this article will highlight some ways to make life better.

In the present times, every individual is busy in his works. It may be a school-going student or a working professional. We hardly get time for our families even, except on Sundays. And in some cases, some people do not even get that opportunity.
With the advancement of technology, our lives have also become fast and somewhere we realise that we have lost grip on our thoughts. Our minds are mostly filled with negative feelings and thoughts like doubt, jealousy, anger, irritation, sadness and frustration. In earlier days man did not go through such negative feelings.
No matter how busy we are, we should always focus on how we start and end our day. It is time to care for ourselves as we care for our family and work. Along with that, we should care about what food to give to our soul and mind.
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We all know that the food we get gets digested and gives our body energy to continue working. In the same way, the soul should be fed with good thoughts to generate positivity in life.
Earlier, we used to wake up with the sounds of prayers from the temples at the houses but in contrast these days, we wake up when somebody says "get up early, you are getting late", after hearing which we start running and start our day. This is an extremely wrong way to start our day.
Emotional diet is very important for the soul. Emotional diet is all about what we eat , watch and listen.
The starting of the day is directly related to the quality of sleep we had last night.
In order to sleep right, some simple rules should be followed.
It is always suggested not to be in association with any technological equipment through which we can get negative news like mobiles, television or newspaper. The negative news which we get in those things, go deep into our subconscious minds and starts working by creating negative thoughts, which in turn affects our sleep.
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An emotional diet is very important for the soul. An emotional diet is all about what we eat, watch and listen to. We should always keep a distance from people who radiate negative energy through their actions but at the same time, we should send them positive vibrations.
It is about being happy all the time no matter what happens. It is very important to note that the quality of sleep depends on the quality of emotion we carry throughout the day. So it is extremely important to check our actions, thoughts and stay happy in order to have a peaceful life.

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