Some easy ways to deal with Covid positive patients

The name Covid itself creates a panic among us. But there are simple ways by following which, we can defeat it.

It was in the year 2019 when the first case of Covid 19 was detected in China. Since then, it has changed the meanings of human lives. Scientist all around the globe is putting their full efforts to find a cure for this disease. But they have not passed their examination.

The scary side of Covid has made everyone go through the pain and panic at least once in their lifetimes. It still happens now that whenever we hear someone getting infected, we tend to panic. But we should realize the situation at that time.

By the word situation, it means:

• The stage of infection the patient is can be detected through a few tests.

• Can the infection spread from him to others?

• What is his oxygen level in the blood? One can check that by using an oximeter.

There are supposedly two categories:

• One is when the patient can give the infection to others, he is sent to a hospital for proper and better treatment for a quick recovery.

• The second category is when the infection cannot spread to others from the patient, and he can easily be treated at home.

Précising the topic, I would like to discuss how we can take care of someone if they get infected.

• The main journey begins when a patient starts showing symptoms.

• Soon after that, a test should be carried out by an authorized medical professional in a laboratory setting for confirmed results.

• Then, the patient should be isolated.

The scary side of Covid has made everyone go through the pain and panic at least once in their lifetimes.

• Isolated means that he should be shifted to a separate room in the house.

representative image about how to tackle a Covid patient
Image: representative image about how to tackle a Covid patient

• This room should have an attached bathroom and must be well ventilated.

• The patient must keep an oximeter with him all the time to keep checking the level of oxygen in the blood. A decrease in the oxygen level may be fatal.

• Then he/she should consult a doctor over the phone for some medicines. The medicines and treatment should be started immediately.

• Then the family members too should maintain a distance. Should refrain from visiting the room where the patient stays.

• In case even if they have to come, they should wear a double mask and wear globes preferably.

• The food should be kept outside the room and must be served in disposable plates along with water in a disposable glass to avoid the scope of infection.

• A balanced diet should be served to the patients as the body needs the energy to defeat the germ within.

• Hot and fresh food must be served.

• The clothes worn by the patient should be washed by him/her and hanged away from other's clothes.

• The guardians of the patients should be in constant touch with the doctor to take necessary action at the time of emergency.

• Since, under those situations, the patients can't come out of the room and talk to anyone even if he feels lonely, so the family members must keep those calling after certain intervals to keep them feel good. That will give a good morale boost to the patient.

• The family members must encourage the patient to stay in quarantine for ten days even after detected negative.

Covid, if paid attention and detected at the correct time, can be treated easily. But if neglected, can turn our lives upside-down.

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