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<strong>Proyashi Barua</strong> - Guest Editor
Proyashi Barua - Guest Editor
We (as a human race) have entered 2021 after beating and triumphing against a slew of odds unleashed by the pandemic in 2020. Therefore the week starts with an article that celebrates this collective spirit of resilience, collaboration, fortitude and a multiple other things.

So going forward should we not be wary about destructive and environmentally unsustainable behaviours and practices? Yes we definitely should be. An article on how we as a human race can completely discard plastic in our lives and switch to biodegradable alternatives, reiterates this need.

Another article gauging the health and wellness goals of people in this fresh decade (starting 2021) is envisaged on a similar vein of thinking. The north eastern states have their own unique legacies, which they are rightfully proud about. The heartening state of women empowerment in Sikkim is a case in point and hence we bring you an exclusive feature on this from our Sikkim correspondent.

An interesting piece on popular foods and beverages of Sikkim and how they are finding a place in restaurants outside the state is also on the cards. The world is paranoid with the outbreak of the new variant of coronavirus in UK, Australia, Denmark etc. An analytical article on what this new variant really is and what it means for the world shall be penned by our senior most correspondent from Arunachal Pradesh.

So with vaccine rollouts on the anvil, what measures are being taken by the central and state government to rule out proxy candidates? Do look forward to receiving some honest answers on this subject through an intrepid piece.

Incidentally, Arunachal Pradesh is now deciding to employ porters to transport food grains in remote areas. An article on the pros and cons of this decision and if at all it shall impact community wellness by generating opportunities for employment is also scheduled for this week. An exclusive feature that scientifically explains how our mind decodes and internalizes our own verbal pronouncements (that in turn impact our mental health positively or negatively) is yet another highlight of the week ahead.

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