Simple tips to fight itchy throat and ears

The period before the rainy season is often very dry and polluted with dust. In this season, people often face various allergies and dryness related issues. But now there is nothing to worry about.

Bacteria and viruses are a part of the universe. Some bacteria are known to be beneficial for us. In the contrast, there are some viruses and bacteria which cause health problems like the common cold, irritation of skin and itchiness of the throat and ears. Allergy due to these toxins can be through the skin or food intake.
Issues like itchy throat and ears can be treated by some of the simple products which are available at our home. Utmost care should be taken while treating the affected areas.
Honey has anti-inflammatory properties which ward off the throat infection. A spoon of honey every morning is the perfect way to start a day.
The next component is salt. It should be mixed in hot water and gargled for 10 seconds without swallowing. Repetition of this process twice or thrice a day gives relief to the throat.
Lemon and ginger tea can work wonders in case of throat irritation.
Allergy due to these toxins can be through the skin or food intake.
Lemon has antibacterial properties and when combined with ginger it gives relief to throat irritation and ear problem. A spoon of honey can be added to that mixture.
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Herbal tea made from tulsi, cinnamon, clove, fennel and lemongrass is also very effective at times as different herbs serve different purposes.
Water should be consumed frequently to prevent the throat from drying. Water prevents the throat from drying due to vigorous workout, illness or exposure to the sun.
Drinking turmeric milk before going to bed can be helpful as turmeric can combat any kind of germs and bacteria.
Apple cider vinegar is a new concept for the Indians. The acidic nature of apple cider vinegar kills germs quickly and soothes the affected area.

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