Sikkim government takes initiative to eliminate Malaria from the state

The awareness of the residents of Sikkim has led to a state-level meeting of the Malaria Task Force Committee for Malaria elimination

The  Sikkim Health and Family Welfare department organized a State Level Meeting of Malaria Task Force Committee for Malaria Elimination, (National Framework for Malaria Elimination) on  March 19  at STNM Hospital Auditorium, Sochakgang Sichey under the chairmanship of Principal Secretary H&FW K. Shrinivasulu.
The meeting was attended by PD-I, PD II, PDHS cum M.D (NHM), M.S, Director Health Services, SPOs of various programmes under NHM, representatives from various departments also the member of State Task Force, AMS, Senior Doctors from STNM and Senior Health Officials from the Districts, Staff of IDSP/NVBDCP/SIECB.
The proceedings of the programme were carried out by State IEC Officer (SIECB) and welcomed by JDHS/NVBDCP and the Vector-Borne scenario of Sikkim was highlighted by DHS/SPO(NVBDCP).
stand up for a malaria-free world
The attendees were divulged by the Resource Person from RoH&FW, Sr. Regional Director on the National Framework for Malaria Elimination (NFME) and the steps to be taken up by various stakeholders (intradepartmental/Defense/NGOs/Religious institutions) to achieve certification for Malaria Elimination in the State of Sikkim.
Representative image.
Image: Representative image.
The Chairperson addressed the gathering to be alert and vigilant in regards to the steps to be undertaken by the stakeholders i.e., the 3Ts Testing, Treating and Tracking and also urged all to keep their surrounding clean as Malaria Elimination starts from home and individual.

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