Shelter For Urban Homeless: A Ray of Hope for Destitutes in Guwahati

Established in the year 2019, this organisation aims to provide shelter for the homeless people

Lucky are the ones who have shelter over their head and a few caring family members to live with. But not all are so lucky, but God still has a solution for them. 
The Almighty has sent some people for those who have lost the meaning of life and are abandoned in the busy streets.
'Shelter For Urban Homeless' (Male Shelter), located at Ambari area in Guwahati, is such a place, which has brought smiles on the face of many helpless people by providing shelter to the homeless people in Guwahati. 
Established on June 1, 2019, under the 'Indian Council of Child Welfare, the shelter home has now 20 inmates. 
Sidheswar Das, the manager of the shelter home, in an interview with Fit Northeast, has shared details of the organization.   
Fit Northeast: How do you gather information about homeless people, who need shelter?
The  entrance gate of the Shelter For Urban Homeless
Image: The entrance gate of the Shelter For Urban Homeless
Sidheswar Das: I along with one of the staff of our shelter home go to the probable places where we can expect the availability of such homeless people. We often visit railway stations, areas nearby some temples (like the pavement hear Chakreswar temple and outside Ulubari Hanuman Temple).
When we first go near the person, we try to console them that there is nothing to worry about, then we motivate them, counsel them and then we tell them about our shelter home and we bring them along if they wish to.
Fit Northeast: What is the age group of men who are in this home?
Das: They are mostly 30 plus. They are mostly the ones who are completely lonely (do not have a family even).
The people who know about this organization also come up with financial help or by donating various necessities like food items, clothes etc.
Fit Northeast: What is the seat capacity of this shelter home?
Das: We have a capacity of 20 persons but in most cases, there are 17/18 residents.
Fit Northeast: How many people are working here as staff?
Das: I have been associated with this organization as the centre manager. Besides me,  there are two caretakers, one cook and a sweeper.
Fit Northeast: Does this home also cater to the needs of people with special needs?
Das: No, it is not special care. We only give shelter to those people who are mentally stable. However, we can not keep the people who need constant medical help and care as we do not have such provisions here. People who are staying here are self-dependent and can do their chores by themselves.
The inmates of the shelter home
Image: The inmates of the shelter home
Fit Northeast: Where do the funds to run the shelter home come from?
Das: It mainly comes from 'Indian Council of Child Welfare. At the initial stage, the Guwahati Municipal Corporation (GMC) also provided some basic things. The GMC provided all the necessary amenities like fridges, inverters, television and beds of the home. Some people who know about this organization also come up with financial help or by donating various necessities like food items, clothes etc.
Fit Northeast: What kind of health care provision does your shelter home have or what do you do if someone falls ill?
Das: The first thing is that we try to provide a healthy diet to all the people staying here. The diet is mostly vegetarian except for one day when we serve eggs. Moreover, we have tried to lay some rules and regulations to make this place a peaceful place.
Like consumption of alcohol or any kind of drug is strictly not permitted on this campus. So many times it has happened that people whom we have rescued were addicted to some kind of substance or alcohol, they have either eloped or went out of this place signing a consent letter.
Apart from that many hospitals often come here and conduct free health check-up camps. Even we take the people to specialized doctors whenever necessary.

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