Senior paediatrician on "Covid and Children'

Along with testing and vaccinations, some few important points are to be followed to keep the child away from Covid

Medical researchers on Covid have warned that the third wave might be more harmful for children. India have created history by vaccinating crores of children between the age of 15-18.
To discuss more 'Covid and Children', Fit Northeast had a conversation with paediatrician from the Marwari Hospitals, Dr Ritesh Jain.
Initiating the conversation, Dr Jain said that if someone in the family suffers from Covid and has come in contact with the child, that might be a cause that the child might have Covid in future.
Speaking about the symptoms that a child can show, he said that in most of the cases, the symptoms are almost the same as the adults. For the initial 2 days of the infection, the child mostly suffers from fever with chills accompanied by mild sore throats, loss of appetite and even vomiting in a few cases.
Since pediatric deals with children from 0 days to 18 years, in some cases, when the child can't speak, some cases are being presumed. For example, in case if a child is made to spell a pungent thing and even after that he/she does not react and stays comfortably, it is presumed that the child has lost the sense of smell.
He added that children are more vulnerable to Covid as they do not adhere to the Covid norms perfecting which are wearing of masks, sanitization and social gatherings. He added that if not necessary, it is always good to avoid taking to the child to overcrowded places unnecessarily.
He added that if not necessary, it is always good to avoid taking to the child to overcrowded places unnecessaril.
In terms of masks, he highlighted that as per guidelines published by the WHO, AIIMS and the Indian Academics of Pediatrics, the use of face masks are not mandatory for the children under the age of 5 but in contrast to that a child having more than 5 years must wear a mask properly. A child can be made to use a cloth mask or a surgical mask as the use of N95 might be a little suffocating for them, even though being the safest.
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Laying emphasis on the fever among children, Dr Jain said that if the body temperature is below 100, it is considered to be normal. But it is always good to know the root cause and treat it as it deserves. If the fever is not controlled in proper timing, it might cause feet and other body parts of the child including the heart might get affected in the long run.
Regarding the diet of the children, it is added that it is always good to give freshly cooked food to the children as freshly cooked hot food does not contain any germs and the nutritional value is maintained. Food should be covered after being cooked and should be consumed within 2 hours of being cooked.
It is always good to eat fresh fruits and vegetables after being directly plucked from the tree or plant. In the case of liquids, the children should be given fresh fruit juices, coconut juices, lime water processed in home. Packet and processed juices including ORS and Glocon D is never prescribed as it unnecessarily increases our blood sugar levels.
On grounds of Covid, it was added that the vaccination drive has successfully reached many in the country and is showing a good response. So it will be great after the children vaccination starts for the younger children.
Ending the conversation, it was mentioned that in Northeast, the initial days of the 3rd wave, many cases were reported but a majority were not documented as many tests were done by the help of the home kits. But it is a good sign that the number of cases are going down now.

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