Safe Delivery: Tripura doctors bring a smile to 225 Covid-infected women

We, being common man, rely on the doctors as our Gods when it comes to our health issues. It feels even great when doctors create miracles during the most troublesome time in our lives.

When the deadly coronavirus continues to spread its tentacles for the last one and half years to create fear psychosis among the people, which become more acute for the expectant mothers, already infected, the gynaecologists from Tripura stand different and brought smiles to their faces.
225 corona infected pregnant ladies delivered healthy children in Tripura during the two waves of the coronavirus. The best part is that no newborn was found to be infected post-delivery.
"It was not a very easy task to keep babies free from any kind of virus when their mothers were suffering from the infections of coronavirus. The doctors took the challenge, who managed to bring smiles to the infected mothers, who delivered healthy babies. So far, 225 such babies were born in our hospital till May 27," Dr Jayanta Ray, renowned Gynecologist and HOD of Obstetrics and Gynecology department of Agartala Government Medical College (AGMC), said.
Giving details, Ray said, during the first wave, as many as 198 COVID-infected women gave births to babies, of which 60 were cesarean. The figure stood at 27 during the second wave of covid attack, while the first case was last reported on April 26.
"An expectant mother needs the best care, which was quite a challenging task during the Covid pandemic. But, our dedicated teams did their best to ensure the safety of both the mothers and the newborns with the highest standard of hygiene," Ray told Fit Northeast.
The Gynecologist said that some doctors and healthcare staff handling such cases were also attacked by the virus. But the efforts in ensuring proper care to the expectant mothers were maintained at the highest level, which was evident from the apparent satisfaction of the patients.
225 corona infected pregnant ladies delivered healthy children in Tripura during the two waves of the coronavirus. The best part is that no newborn was found to be infected post-delivery.
"Shortage of skilled manpower and lack in infrastructures are the common issues in any small state like Tripura. But, the way the Pediatrics and Gynecology section of AGMC and GBP hospital is effectively managing things and conducting successful deliveries, even in case of critical cases, has set an example," a healthcare expert opined.
Agartala Government Medical College (AGMC)
Image: Agartala Government Medical College (AGMC)
Dr Sanjib Debbarma, Medical Superintendent of the hospital, pointed out that the AGMC and GBP hospital was the only designated unit for the COVID-infected expectant mothers during the first wave.
"In the first wave, the workload on the AGMC and GBP hospital was relatively high as compared to the second wave of the virus since it was only designated unit for giving care to the Covid-infected expectant mothers. However, we managed things smoothly to ensure the safety of both the mother and the infants," the Medical Superintendent said.
Dr Anirban Bhowmik, who was on duty, told the reporters that when the expectant mother was brought to the Teliamura Sub-Divisional Hospital, she had tested Covid positive. But the hospital didn't have the facility for conducting the delivery of Covid-infected women as the patient was not in a referral condition.
"As the delay in the delivery was likely to invite trouble, I took the risk with proper safety measures in place and conducted the safe delivery," Dr Bhowmik said.
Some of the health experts viewed that while the entire country was battling with the strong wave of the coronavirus, these were the efforts that deserved extensive appreciation.

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