Russian scientists have discovered that water can kill coronavirus

Room temperature water can actually put a full stop on growth

Russia's VECTOR State Research Center of Virology and Biotechnology in Novosibirsk, has discovered that room temperature water can actually put a full-stop on the growth of novel coronavirus. A study was conducted where it was found that 90 percent of corona virus particles died in room temperature water in a span of 24 hours. According to the researchers, boiling water kills the deadly virus immediately. The virus succumbs to boiling water immediately and completely.
The country is set to mass produce a vaccine very soon
It was also established that chlorinated water also helps in killing the virus. In another study, it was found that coronavirus did not multiply in chlorinated water and seawater.
Representative image
Image: Representative image
Encouraged by these findings, Russia hopes that it will successfully present the world's first vaccine against the deadly ongoing pandemic. The vaccine is being developed in the Gamaleya Institute in Moscow. The preliminary trials for the vaccine were completed on July 15 th and now the country is ready to produce the vaccine in bulk. According to Russian newssites, the country is planning to launch a mass vaccination campaign against COVID-19 in the month of October. The frontline workers, including doctors and teachers, shall be receiving the vaccine initially.

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