Right to equal health care facilities for all

Health care is a very important factor for everyone. The quality of health care facilities a person gets will determine his or her future. It is the responsibility of all people to ensure equal health opportunities to all.

Health equality means ensuring that everyone has the chance to be as healthy as possible. It includes ensuring that every person has the opportunity to achieve their best health. 
Unfortunately, many social and environmental factors limit a person's access to and continued use of good health practices and healthcare.  Examples of such obstacles include factors like racial and ethnic discrimination, lack of access to quality education, income and wealth gaps, unsafe environments.
If observed, we can understand those groups of people who are generally deprived of better health services. They are mostly the racial and ethnic minorities, people living in a low-income household, members of the LGBTQ community.
"Universal health care saves everyone" - Jeff Latas
Gaining health equality or health equity takes a combination of political, community and personal effort.
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There are various ways through which health equity can be promoted. These include the identification of how health disparities in a community affect a specific group, show respect to the people of all the groups which are involved in bringing the change, frequent evaluation of policies which are made to promote health equality, encourage people to contribute using their talents, time and gifts in tutoring students to help them.
Many states have a health equity department that offers training and education on health equity opportunities.
In the current scenario, almost all the health centres and government are working together towards promoting health equity to all to create a healthier and happier world.

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