Recovering drug addicts: Their psychology and need for a psychologist

Drug abuse is such a harmful toxic, which not only hampers one's health but even affects mental health. At this time of mental breakdown, a psychologist is the one who can bring in a ray of hope.

Drug addiction is a lifelong battle as it damages both physical health and mental health. One should avoid the temptation of depending on drugs, either for pleasure or escape the realities of life.
However, those who have fallen prey to it still have room to walk out of it. Self-determination and medical help, says people, are the keys to achieve this goal. But it is not a matter of a year or two.
Hence, it requires the support of families, relatives and friends to make them feel the aura of belongingness as it is a lifelong process.
A person who has recovered has wide chances of falling back after five to six years of recovery. They become sensitive in their mind, which is why it doesn't take a doubtful minute for a recovered addict to start over even in the many year's gaps.
At this point, a question arrives about who is to be blamed for this. The ruin of family and society is not the only fall, but we must also conform to the sick behaviour of an addict. There are many reasons that contribute to the fact why a person relies on or become attached to drugs, unknown to the many who tag them to be losers.
Some common and general reasons must be for pleasure which may be inclusive of the lesser part of that society( addicts), another reason must be an influence of their peer members, but the unseen reason must be to ease the mind.
Being drowned in this addiction, both the body and the mind get dependent on drugs. The most challenging facet of an addict is to succumb to addiction. The body and the mind play an unpleasant trick that scares them to survive without drugs.
Various NGOs and rehabilitation centres provide medical and mental support to make them believe in themselves. Lack of psychological help and care must be the significant reason why they fail to come out of that life.
Some common and general reasons must be for pleasure which may be inclusive of the lesser part of that society (addicts), added reason must be an influence of their peer members, but the unseen reason must be to ease the mind.
Many addicts suffer from the wounds of shame, feelings of less importance in the family or society and more often from their personal failures and rejection. Such thoughts often pollute the mind, especially to the person whose mental health is not stable.
a psychologist during a counselling session
Image: a psychologist during a counselling session
Besides, the cause of their addiction is to balance their mind. Once they are distant from the drugs, as the body becomes dependent on the drug, for a prolonged period of time, the body will experience untold pain, which adds agony to the mind.
In this process, there is an undoubtful positive chance of developing depression, which becomes worse by the reactions of the family and friends. Henceforth, the support of families plays a vital role in this prospect to give moral support.
That is the prime reason why when a recovering addict does admit to rehabilitation centres or NGO centres. They try to get in touch with the family members in the course of medication.
A recovering addict with pressing mental health issues is supervised to consult a psychologist or counsellor, which is highly recommended to elevate them mentally.
The practical study on the behaviour of many addicts in their recovering process, their mental health is the principal issue to help them succumb to addiction. Many people at large do not see the importance of consulting a psychiatrist, psychologist or counsellor because addiction is not a sickness.
However, addiction or recovering from addiction is also a sickness that, in fact, has ways to get cured, which we fail to attain. The significant reason behind the cause of suicides from recovering addicts is the lack of support they require for their mental health.
Are you a recovering addict, or do you have a recovering addict friend or family member? The best remedies for surviving from addiction is to consult a counsellor or a psychologist. Besides, family members and friends should also extend their moral support to them their loved ones recover from their addiction.

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