Promod Talukdar Memorial Old Age Home: a home of love and unity

Established in the year 2012, the committee members of this old age home has proved that there are relations that exist beyond blood ties

Most of us have a belief that parents are the most beautiful gift of God. Parents can be defined as a form of God, who since our birth, loves, takes care and nourishes their children to prepare them to face the future. It is the equal responsibility of the child to reciprocate to their responsibilities towards their parents but some of them try to run away from their duties.
It is seen that for many people in our society, their parents are a liability which they do not wish to carry forward anymore and try to escape from their responsibilities. They tend to leave their old parents at the old age homes, where their old parents stay with many other people who have been left by their children there.
In order to face such a reality of life, Fit Northeast visited the Promod Talukdar Memorial Old Age Home. Located at the Survey area in Guwahati, this particular old age home is a unit of the Monalisha Society. This old age home was earlier named the Mother's Old Age Home.
The first (unit) shelter home under this society was set up on June 21, 2012. The second unit was established in March this year (2021) at the Survey area of the city.
The banner of the Promod Talukdar Memorial Old Age Home
Image: The banner of the Promod Talukdar Memorial Old Age Home
Promod Talukdar was the former advisor of the organization and was actively involved with the activities of the Monalisha Society.
The credit of opening such an institute fully goes to the young, enthusiast, kind-hearted Utpal Kumar Harshavardhan, who has been a strong pillar of support and goodwill and has played the role of a 'TRUE SON' for all the elderly persons of the old age home.
Utpal Kumar Harshvardhan is the current advisor of the old age home and manages all the activities of the shelter home. In the initial days of its set-up, there were two grandmothers and among them, one is from Baihata Chariali who still stays in the home itself.
The first (unit) shelter home under this society was established on June 21, 2012. The second unit was established in March, this year (2021) at the Survey locality in Guwahati.
The family of this home has expanded and now there is a total of 27 inmates. Among them two are males and the rest are females.
Krishna Kakoti, Secretary of the old age home, said that several inmates of the house have their children who refused to look after them and many had no one in this world. She added that people used to contact them by taking the number from their pages on various social media sites.
She said that another centre of this home was coming up at Sonapur, which will be maintained by the Ministry of Social Welfare.
Kakoti said that most of the time, many people come forward to help them. They offer to give financial aid (or sponsor) some of the food (lunch, breakfast or dinner) to the residents.
Inmates at the old age home
Image: Inmates at the old age home
They come forward to share their happiness with the members of the old age home during their birthdays and marriage events. They even come forward to offer Prasad after the demise of someone in their family and seek the blessings of the elderly here.
Kakoti said when the inmates fall ill, they are generally taken to the Gauhati Medical College and Hospital, where they get good treatment and co-operation from every staff and doctor.
Moreover, health camps are organized on the campus from time to time. She added that some doctors conduct health camps at the old age home. 

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