ONGC flouts COVID-19 rules

ONGC has been in the news for flouting COVID-19 rules and allegedly jeopardizing human lives

ONGC has landed in hot oil recently for flouting COVID-19 rules that have allegedly translated to public danger. According to sources, one of ONGC's workers had tested positive on 29th of July, after which ONGC was supposed to undergo mandatory antigen test for all the workers and the area was to be declared as a containment zone. But no such action was taken and the oil major continued with its routine drilling work.
No protocols had been taken by the oil major after a worker had tested COVID positive
Later on 1st of August, two other workers also tested positive for the virus. At a time when workplaces are opening with full precautions, like proper testing and sanitization as per government rules, ONGC has been a callous exception.
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ONCG is synonymous with the industrial landscape of Assam. It should have spearheaded best practices in terms of containing the transmission of the virus. This recent incident has indeed raised questions on its credibility and commitment to the people of the state. It is to be seen what redressal mechanism it undertakes now.

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