Old Age: Sickness and Health care

Old age is the most vulnerable period of everyone's life. Health becomes remarkably crucial, and one needs to take care of the same. Here are some ways which might be helpful.

Old age is one of the most tender stages in humans' life. Having surpassed the strength of their health at this stage, people after the age of sixty years often succumb to untold health complications. These complications could be both severe or minor.
There are some people who surpass 100 years yet kicking hard and smart at this decaying stage. Most of the times, and relatively speaking, most health complications developed during old age are linked to past lifestyles. What do we eat or drink today, how we treat our body today, the mind works we do today, its ill effects will slowly result in the latter part of our lives.
Often, people in their late fifties in higher number develop health complications which become permanent or life-long illnesses adding more pain to their old age. What could be the cause of such distortion in the health during later years?
Blood pressure, stroke, heart attacks, diabetes, cancer are the most common health issues often accompanied by old age.
Health complications like sight problems, joint pain, hearing impairment, memory loss are generally common yet such problems naturally set in with growing age. One need not fear experiencing the later kind of illness. Such sickness doesn't shorten our life span. However, the earlier ailment is caused by our own greed, which in fact either cripple our old age or has a higher risk of ceasing our old age.
Besides the already mentioned illnesses, another horrifying fact that gives fear to face old age is mental health.
Most people, in their quest to fulfil their greed forget their state of health. One must take extra precautions concerning their health status once they attain the age of 50 years. Food habit is one of the major concerns when it comes to old age health complications. Another reason is the lack of physical exercises to keep the body fit. Our lifestyle has a maxim impact on our health henceforth it requires superior attention than our works.
an old aged lady
Image: an old aged lady
Keeping a regular check on our health status by consulting doctors, following the proper diet regularly, regular physical exercises are the keys to survive a healthy old age.
Besides the already mentioned illnesses, another horrifying fact that gives fear to face old age is mental health. Some people, who are healthy during their prime, likewise has a high risk of becoming mentally unsound during their earlier years. Behaving unusually during later years may seem natural, yet such unusual behaviour may vary sometimes. There are cases where some individuals start behaving differently, creating discomfort to the people around them, which becomes permanent. What could be the cause of this dreadful threat? Could there be any measures to avoid such an awful end?
There are definite reasons behind such mental disorders during old age. Alcohol and drugs abused during early years, other losses, depression, loneliness, or physical illness are the factors that make a person prone to unsound mental health during old age.
Knowing the ill factors for the cause of old-age sickness is the particular conclusion to fight the odds of old age. Hence an individual must take intense care for the wellbeing of one's health during their later years.

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