North East India is a happy health stop

Mizoram, Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh are among the happiest small states of India as per the first All India Happiness Report released in March this year.

A few decades ago, some cities of India were the veritable hotspots in terms of quality healthcare. For instance Vellore, Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai and Delhi were the chosen destinations for complex surgeries and treatments relating to terminal diseases. Gradually but surely things have changed and today many cities and towns have their own hospitals of pride. This perhaps is a simultaneous outcome of the now entrenched psyche of people - A happy life is a healthy life.
Interestingly this year of the pandemic marks the release of the first All India Happiness Report. This report covering all states and union territories has measured the levels and parameters of happiness across the country- what contributes to people's happiness, the impact of COVID-19 on happiness and insights from thought leaders have all been part of this report that was released on March 18.
And here is the heartening news for North East India- Mizoram, Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh are among the happiest small states of India. This study by Prof Rajesh K Pillania must have taken the health status as a pronounced criterion to assess happiness. And three NE states out of India's 28 states and 8 union territories, featuring high in this ranking is indeed food for serious thought. This finding translates to a definite meaning- people in these three states particularly are either very health conscious or the sick and diseased are getting proper medical treatment.
Some simple facts actually reiterate the second assumption. While Mizoram boasts of 15 hospitals, a tiny state like Sikkim got India's second biggest government medical college (in 2019) after AIIMS. This is besides its 100-year-old Sir Thutob Namgyal Memorial Hospital. Arunachal Pradesh on the other hand acquired its first medical college Tomo Riba Institute of Health & Medical Sciences which started functioning only in 2018. There are plenty of hospitals and regional hospitals in the state.
People in North East are becoming very health conscious and the sick and diseased are getting much better medical treatment compared to the past decades.
The North-East medical sector has undergone sea changes and Guwahati has the best examples with Down Town Hospital, Arya Hospital, International Hospital, Hayat Hospital, Nemcare Hospital, Narayana Superspeciality Hospital, Dispur Hospitals Pvt. Ltd, Pratiksha Hospital, Rahman Hospitals, Agile Hospital Pvt. Ltd, East End Nursing Home and Research Institute, Sanjevani Hospital, GNRC Hospital Limited and Good Health Hospital. All these hospitals have advanced medical equipments to offer all categories of health care.
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Many people from the city and neighborhood towns and villages are unable to visit these hospitals due to severity of illness. Unfortunately some others have the misconception that they get better medical care outside NE, may be Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Bengaluru or Mumbai.
This is where this health news portal Fit Northeast shall strive to make a positive difference. We envisage offering consultancy services of health specialists (from across the country and particularly the seven sister states) to patients through telemedicine. We want to partner your good health needs and become a number on your mobile handset that shall help you consult a specialist of your choice at anytime and everywhere.

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