NHM creates awareness about menstrual hygiene

The NHM Director along with a senior gynaecologist educated the students on feminine health and menstrual hygiene

May 28th is observed as Menstrual Hygiene Day. This day aims in creating an awareness about the myths relating to the menstrual hygiene.
National Health Mission today organized an awareness procession in which the students of Dispur Government High School participated. The students in the procession walked with playcards creating awareness about menstrual hygiene. The walk started from the school campus and travelled to Supermarket and returned back to the venue. The procession was flagged off by the NHM Director Dr. M.S Lakshmipriya. Along with the Director of the National Health Mission, the Principal of the school along with the teachers were also present at the venue. Along with the people from the education fraternity, a few ASHA workers from Guwahati were present along with senior gynaecologist Dr. Anuradha Borthakur.
The NHM Director flagging off the event
Image: The NHM Director flagging off the event
Addressing the students, Dr. Borthakur said that period pain among girls is 90% psychological. This happens because the girls think more about the pain or discomfort during these days of the months. She added that it is very important to stay very neat and clean during the period days as it might cause various infections if proper hygiene is not maintained. She also said that in case a girl uses a sanitary napkin, it should be changed after every 3 to 4 hours and even if one uses cloths, the cloth should be washed and dried properly in the sun.
Addressing the media personnel, Dr Lakshmipriya said that in every district of Assam, a program has been organized to create awareness about menstrual hygiene. A marathon program has been organized as a central program.
Regarding the use of sanitary napkins, Dr. Borthakur said that the disposal of the napkins should be done hygienically after being properly wrapped by a paper followed by plastic. She emphasized that it is equally important to educate the boys and the other males in the society regarding periods and menstrual hygiene. She even urged all the girls to use a hygienic washroom which has fresh water. 
The students preparing for the walk
Image: The students preparing for the walk
Present on the occasion, Dr Lakshmipriya said that awareness about healthcare hygiene plays an import part in everyone's life. It is said that from puberty to menopause, a girl or a lady goes through various stages of life and the menstrual cycle helps her in embracing motherhood. She added that having periods is a very normal activity and is nothing to be shy of .
Addressing the media personnel, Dr. Lakshmipriya said that  programs in every district of Assam have been organized to create awareness about menstrual hygiene. A marathon program has also been organized as a central program. The NHM is planning to produce a menstrual card for the girls which will help them keep a record of their menstrual cycle. It was emphasized that when a lady or a girl feel that their menstrual cycle is interrupted, they will automatically become aware about their menstrual cycle and a doctor should be approached in such a situation. The menstrual card will have to be re-registered when a lady embraces her motherhood.
Director of NHM (Assam) , Dr Lakshmipriya addressing the students
Image: Director of NHM (Assam) , Dr Lakshmipriya addressing the students
Along with the education on menstrual hygiene, leaflets with pictures relating to menstrual hygiene and women health care were also distributed among the school's students. Along with the students, several ASHA workers were a part of the programme.

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