NHM Assam initiates Health Intervention in Assam

A two day consultation conclave was organised by the NHM where discussions were made over various issues

The National Health Mission (NHM), Assam has organized a 2-day consultation conclave at the Administrative Staff College which was launched by the state health minister, Keshab Mahanta on June 8. This consultation conclave concentrated on the "Health Interventions to Improve the Maternal and Child Health Status in Assam". In this two day conclave, review was done regarding the district-wise status in Assam along with discussion of the flaws and probable changes which need to be taken to improvise the situations.
The NHM Director (Assam), Dr M. S. Lakshmipriya, along with the Principal Secretary and several other dignitaries were seated on the dais. The consultation conclave is supported by USAID-NISHTHA -Jhpiego. It was highlighted that under the leadership of the current NHM director, several serious measures have been taken to improve the maternal and child health status in the state.
A week long Ante-Natal Care (ANC) was carried out in all the districts of Assam from May 30 to June 5, 2022. A consolidated SOP was designed for the special ANC drive wherein the main purpose was to target the reduction of the Maternal Mortality Rate (MMR) and the Infant Mortality Rate (IMR), mobilization of all pregnant women (new and already registered cases) to the designated sub-centres and primary health centres for the ANC check-up. The various activities and services of the campaign were ANC check-ups of the pregnant women by sectoral medical, updation of the MCP card, orientation of the MCP card, history taking, and general investigation of every pregnant lady along with her abdominal examination and other tests like urine sugar, HIV Screening. During the ANC drive, a total of 1,71,948 pregnant women received antenatal check-up. Out of this figure, 35,014 pregnant women belonged to the category of high risk pregnancy. The health workers ensured that the ladies having the risked pregnancy was given all the care along with treatment. During this stage, the Ayushman Bharat Health Account was linked with the RCH.
The standee of the  2 days long program
Image: The standee of the 2 days long program
The state teams visited every district (zone-wise) to monitor and supervise the Maternal Death Review (MDR), Child Death Review (CDR), Village Health and Sanitation Nutrition Day (VHSND), Vector Borne Disease Monitoring, NHM Programms etc. The team has completed their field visits and submitted their reports, which is being shared with the Deputy Commissioner for action.
It was highlighted that under the leadership of the current NHM director, several serious measures have been taken to improve the maternal and child health status in the state.
In this two day conclave, the members of the state health team, district health team of NHM, all development partners from all the districts of Assam, presented their district reports on major health indicators and course corrections.
Addressing all the people present at the venue, Dr Lakshmi Priya said that in the rural areas,  a concept of 'Buddy Mother' has been formed , under which two pregnant ladies are made a team so that they can help and guide each other throughout the pregnancy. Another concept is that of the 'Mentor Mother', under which a breast feeding mother is made the head of one set of buddy mother, who guides and teaches the new mothers regarding delivery and the post-delivery care of the new-born. The concept of 'Buddy Mother' has already been created in almost all the districts across Assam.
It was highlighted that except Karbi Anglong, every district has high risk pregnancy rates. Guiding and directing the health officials from the different districts, Dr Lakshmi Priya urged that there should be no deaths due to eclampsia. It was added that as India has a high rate of teen pregnancy, girls having the age less than 20 should be graded under risk pregnancy. A micro-birth plan was proposed against every pregnant women in every district.
The Health Minister of Assam addressing the media
Image: The Health Minister of Assam addressing the media
Addressing the crowd, Keshab Mahanta encouraged the great job which was done by the NHM, Assam. He also reminded that the planning of this meet continued from last December. Mahanta added that the health and care of the mother and the child will always be a priority. It was mentioned that during the Covid period, as everyone got involved in the Covid situation, some areas of health were slightly neglected but now everything is running smoothly. He also urged the people to understand the work structure, consult the joint directors and continue their work smoothly. Focus was also laid to continue the Covid vaccination process simultaneously. Mahanta also asked the health representatives to clearly speak up regarding the loop-holes and the things which are a necessary to carry out medical procedures (be it instruments or manpower).

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