Nature's Orbit conducts workshop in NEHHDC campus

The working members of the NEHHDC campus were trained in creating a green environment

In present times, it is seen that the people are speaking more about preserving mother nature but in reality they are exploiting nature for their never ending wants. But among these people, there are some who really care and believe in the preservation of the green environment.
Some of the like-minded people have come together through an NGO called Nature's Orbit which was started by Debabrata Rajkumar in the year 2021. Debabrata Rajkumar is a certified "Climate Reality Leadership Corps" and has attended workshops on "Introduction to Permaculture and Natural Living".
Nature's Orbit focuses on creating a Circular Economy to reduce the size of human ecological footprint based on Zero Waste Mangement, Permaculture, Restoring life below water and on Land. The organization works by empowering communities and uplifting living standards, generating awareness among the youth, creating catalysts for change through trainings and building partnerships.
 The banner of the Swachhta Pakhwada
Image: The banner of the Swachhta Pakhwada
The sustainable goals of the organization include global goals like eradicating poverty, making a zero-hunger society, promote good health and well-being, promote quality education, gender equality, provide clean water and sanitation, affordable and clean energy and many more.
Developments Corporations Limited. In the first day of the programme, the working members of the NEHHDC were educated about swachhta pakwada and they unitedly took the swachhta pledge.
As a part of the Swachhta Pakhwada, 2022, the members of the NGO organized a 7 days-programs at the campus of the Northeast Handicrafts and Handlooms Developments Corporations Limited. On the first day of the programme, the working members of the NEHHDC were educated about Swachhta Pakhwada and they unitedly took the swachhta pledge. Following that there was an introductory session on waste management and regenerative living. There was the waste audit of the NEHHDC campus.
This was followed by a workshop in making natural soaps, eco-friendly accessories and gifts which were attended by the employees of the NEHHDC and the students of some nearby schools. The people were also educated on grey water harvesting, eco-bricking, making bio-enzymes at homes (which are alternatives to cleaning agents like harpic, phenol and lizol). The members were also educated to make home cleaning agents from lemon peel, jaggery and water, which had a great smell.
On the other hand Shirshendu Sekhar Das (member of The Midway Journey) educated the people how to dispose waste, so that it does not harm nature. He said that many of us nowadays depend or use disposable plates/bowls to have food. So before we throw these into the dustbin, it should be cleaned with water and disposed. This practice will help in recycling the used waste. The use waste in this context will include any kind of plastic bottles, plastic bowls where we get ice-creams, aluminum foils where food is wrapped or delivered from the restaurants.
The separate dustbins installed for separate waste
Image: The separate dustbins installed for separate waste
At the closing day of the Swachhta Pakhwada, there was a brain-storming session with the NEHHDC employees. They were awarded for their great performances during the 7 days of training. Plastic banks and bottle banks were separately installed at the campus of the NEHHDC. Separate composite units were also installed for wet waste and leaf waste.

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