Nagaland rises to the pandemic, with dignity of labour

The pandemic has thrown light on emerging and existing career opportunities in small towns and cities

Nagaland often referred to as 'Land of Festivals' is unique in terms of her culture and traditions. The essentially very hard working and honest Naga people harbor a lot of love and pride for their state. People from this state have a legacy of being sincere and committed to their work. However, due to the lack of job opportunities in Nagaland, most of its young population has moved out to different cities of India in search of career opportunities. Well this was the trend for decades. And then came the pandemic. The colossal job losses and salary cuts across the country caused tremendous reverse migration. Many people from smaller towns and villages working in big cities and metros returned to their native places. Nagaland was definitely no exception.
Small food stalls and online food delivery services are growing in the state
One can well imagine the hopelessness of this situation- leaving one's hometown for different cities in search of better opportunities just to be led right back. In many ways the pandemic has served as an eye opener for everyone across the world and reiterated the importance of glocalisation that also includes creation of work opportunities at the grass root level (basically work opportunities with a global outlook but a local focus). The irony is during this pandemic, the small utility based professions are in higher demand and thereby not financially unlucrative as before. Now the availability of jobs in Nagaland is not equivalent with its population and that is why most people leave only to come back during the holidays. However today, most people are starting their own business ventures. Small and medium entrepreneurs and self help groups started using their own creativity to breathe hope back again into the lives of those who thought there was no solution to this pandemic. Consequently, small food stalls and online food delivery services are growing in the state. While many among the youth are leveraging their skills in things like website creation, many others are embracing dignity of labour and engaging in manual work and even driving public transport.
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