More about BreastFeedings: From the experts

Initiating the session, Dr Arati Das said that the theme for this year is STEP UP FOR BREASTFEEDING: EDUCATE AND SUPPORT

                                                            "BREASTFEEDING AND MOTHER'S MILK IS EVERY CHILD'S BIRTHRIGHT"
The members of the Indian Academy of Pediatrics (Guwahati city branch) today organized an awareness session at the Gauhati Press Club on account of World Breastfeeding Week. The President of IAP, Dr.  Rashna Das Hazarika was present at the session along with Dr. Arati Deka (Advisor of IAP) and Dr. Bhabesh Doley (Secretary, IAP).
Initiating the session, Dr. Arati Das said that the theme for this year is STEP UP FOR BREASTFEEDING: EDUCATE AND SUPPORT. She said, "Even though we are always keen on educating people about breastfeeding but these 7 days, we are targeting to educate and make people more and more aware about breastfeeding". Dr. Das added that the education regarding breastfeeding spreads in a chain, so we should educate every possible person about it so that they can make the next person aware. Being a pediatrician, Dr. Das said that the Colostrum (the first form of breastmilk that is released by the mammary glands after giving birth) contains immunoglobulin, which acts as the child's first immunization. Apart from it, breastmilk also helps in growth and brain development of the child and protects the child from childhood illnesses like diarrhoea, pneumonia, ear infection and prevents malnutrition. It also protects the child from non-communicable diseases like diabetes, hypertension and allergic developments.
It was mentioned that packaged and tin milk for children may contain carbohydrates and some amount of fats, but do not contain the immunoglobulin and important cells that get transferred to the child through breastfeeding.
Present at the session the doctors also cleared a few doubts that mothers have regarding breastfeeding. It was said that many mothers of the have after breastfeeding, they might loose their old figure.
The members of the IAP mentioned that they have been urging the concerned regulatory bodies to strictly implement the INFANT MILK SUBSTITUTE ACT, which strongly advocates against the use of artificial or powder milk, bottles and also the new menace of commercialization of human milk. As per the IMS, no pharmacy can sell packaged or powdered milk and use healthy babies for promotion. If any company is entitled to such an offence, they can be jailed for 5 years under this act.
The docors addressing the media.
Image: The docors addressing the media.
The doctors present at the session also cleared few doubts that mothers have regarding breastfeeding.  Many mothers were of the belief that breastfeeding would result in losing their body shapes. Many of them had incorrect information regarding breastfeeding while being drawn to packaged or powdered milk owing to the lack of family support (especially in nuclear families). The doctors stressed on the need for Breastfeeding as it helps in keeping away the chances of ovarian and breast cancer. It also helps in reducing the excess body fat of the mother.
A study by WHO revealed that if all children were given breastmilk, then the child mortality rate will lessen by 12%. In this context, India has the worst records. It was seen that only 55% of mothers in India breastfeed their own babies.
The doctors present at the press club also urged the government to provide feeding rooms at workplaces, public places like airports, railway stations, bus stands.

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