Mind your body for better living

In a bid to balance demanding professions with personal commitments people are increasingly turning to traditional disciplines like yoga to enhance their mental and physical wellbeing.

It has been proven medically that yogic practice that includes breath regulation boosts body immunity and releases stress and tension from the nervous system. This in turn enhances a person's ability to cope with the increasing pressures of modern day working. Yoga does this by providing deep relaxation to the body and the mind through its physical postures/exercises and breathing techniques.
Apart from its 'health highs' yoga abounds in career opportunities too. Infact during these testing times of the ongoing pandemic yoga teachers are much sought after.
So what are the formal qualifications that one needs to be a yoga instructor? One can acquire formal education in yoga in many ways. The government and other private organisations offer graduation programmes, residential courses and monthly programmes across India and globally. Depending upon a candidate's eligibility and age, one can enroll in a suitable training programme in the field of yogic sciences. There are a lot of reputed institutes that are imparting formal education in this field. However, one should always opt for the institutes that have necessary accreditations from the health ministry or globally recognised bodies / councils of yogic practices.
Yes, yoga (and mindfulness) is indeed an emerging employment sector. Particularly the last five years have witnessed a surge in this domain. If one has the interest and is passionate about self-health care and welfare of others, then this may be the right career field. There are various existing and emerging career opportunities for yoga teachers in India and abroad. From teaching in government healthcare institutes to imparting yoga sessions in hospitals, schools, senior care centers, opportunities are striking like never before. Global employment offers in renowned wellness chains, gyms, hotels and clubs are also on the rise. One can even explore teaching on luxury or wellness themed cruises or travel to volunteer teaching yoga as well. So what are some of the specific courses that are imparted under yoga? 
Apart from its 'health highs' yoga abounds in career opportunities too. Infact during these testing times of the ongoing pandemic yoga teachers are much sought after.
Yoga teachers can conduct holistic well-being programmes including workshops, retreats, training, etc. for corporates and schools in India. Some yoga experts/teachers also hold prenatal and post-natal programmes for women. In addition some are certified Hatha yoga teachers and some are certified laughter yoga trainers.
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Varuna Gandhi a certified yoga trainer talks about her individual journey as a yoga teacher. "Yoga began more than a decade back for me as an escape from a stressed nine-to-five corporate life which indeed was rewarding but somewhere not satisfying. I had some common physical and psychological health issues such as anemia, recurring flu, and anger bouts. My pay cheques were high, but I was paying a much higher price in return in the form of a compromised and dissatisfied lifestyle." For the ones among you who want to explore yoga as a career option, this revelation should translate to an inspiring insight.
"I realized that no matter how much counselling or external help I may seek, all answers were within me. I started attuning myself to the practice of yoga. And that is when my journey of internal reformation began. I made minor changes to my lifestyle by including a 20 - 60 minutes practice of physical exercises at least 4 times a week, enrolled myself in courses that enriched my latent talents and indulged in some community services. Not only did I feel and look happier, I became more confident as an individual and started treading my personal and professional paths with more clarity," Varuna adds.
Almost every yoga teacher resonates Varuna's belief that life as a professional yoga teacher is replete with highs. "The profound changes that I experienced first within me and then in the beautiful and healthier transformations of others while teaching yoga kept reposing my faith into this practice and eventually led me to adopt it as a full-time career," says Namita Khound, another yoga teacher.

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