Mental health can be optimized through proper diets

A survey conducted by the researchers at the University of Binghamton in the US reveals the relation between diet and mental health or mood

Eating is something which each and every one of us loves, sometimes to a degree where it begins to affect our health. However, eating doesn't just affect our physical health, but it can also drastically affect our mental wellbeing.
However, researchers have concluded a study where it states the improvement of mental health through customized diet pertaining to proper and healthy food consumption.
Even though the link between mental health and our diet is a complex one, but it is evident that intake of various types of foods can either affect our brain or boost its capacity.
And the biological, psychological and social benefits of eating together with multiple people on the same table have a lot to do in improving our mental health even if we are not aware of it.
A new study has now suggested that changes in one's lifestyle and customizing diets can improve the mental health of a person. Researcher Lina Begdache from the University of Binghamton in the US said, "There is increasing evidence that diet plays a major role in improving mental health, but everyone is talking about a healthy diet".
"We need to consider a spectrum of dietary and lifestyle changes based on different age groups and gender. There is no one healthy diet that will work for everyone", she added.
According to the study, it indicates that to improve mental well-being among young women, significant diet and lifestyle approaches are required.
According to the study, it indicates that to improve mental well-being among young women, significant diet and lifestyle approaches are required. It includes consumption of daily healthy breakfast low caffeine intake, moderate to high exercise and abstinence from fast food.
Representative image.
Image: Representative image.
According to the researcher, she believes that considering the differences in the degree of brain maturity between mature adults (30 years and above) and young (between 18-29 years of age), mental health therapies should put that into consideration before commencing the treatment along with brain morphology for both men and women.
To examine dietary practices, food intake, exercise and other lifestyle factors an online survey was conducted by the team for the study that was published in the journal called 'Nutrients'.
A survey was conducted by advertising a questionnaire through a social media post where a total of 2,600 participants responded to it. Also, different data were collected by the research team during different seasons and time points. The result showed that to improve the mental well-being of young men dietary and lifestyle approaches contribute to good mental health.
Dietary and lifestyle approaches include frequent exercises, high meat intake, moderate dairy consumption and low intake of caffeine including abstinence from fast food. Also according to the researcher, in order to improve the mental well-being among mature men, dietary approaches include moderate intake of nuts.
To make sure that customized diets are an essentiality to mental health, the researchers split the participants into two separate age groups since the development of a human brain in a person continues till the late 20s. Also, the quality of diet appears to have an impact on the developing brain in young adults of both genders.

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