Menopause: The most challenging phase in the life of women

A women's body goes through many changes throughout her lifetime. One such change is her menopause days, which at times may be complicated by can be solve.

Every phase of a woman's life brings certain changes in the body. Or we can even say that the body changes its functioning with every age-related physiological change. One such physiological change which every woman goes through is menopause.
Regarding this phase of a woman's life, a Guwahati-based gynecologist in an exclusive conversation with Fit Northest says that in very simple terms menopause was nothing but a very natural process every woman has to go through.
It is actually the time period which is 12 months after a woman has her last period. This happens from the age of 45-50 as a result of the decrease in levels of hormones. Secretion of the hormones decreases as a result decrease of the egg follicles which produce it.
Oestrogen is such a hormone which is responsible in bringing a feministic feel in a women and as age increases, oestrogen level starts dropping.
Oestrogen is such a hormone which is responsible for bringing a feministic feel in a woman and as age increases, oestrogen level starts dropping. Some people may experience many symptoms like irregular periods accompanied by heavy bleeding, vaginal dryness, disturbances in sleep, anxiety and stress, mood swings, hot flashes and night sweats.
Hot flashes and night sweats are considered as 2 of the most important symptoms of this health issue. In a hot flash, a woman feels a fluctuation in her body temperature as her body temperature suddenly rises and cools a while soon after that. Night sweats are almost the same but as its name suggests, it mostly happens at night when a woman feels hot and perspires a lot accompanied by a feeling of restlessness.
A woman may also experience body pain, joint pains, muscle pains. There is also a risk of heart diseases and osteoporosis as oestrogen or the female hormone controls the calcium level and also protects the heart.
Problems during menopause can be solved by following a healthy lifestyle, eating healthy, undergoing treatments like hormone replacement therapy. Along with better diet, medication and lifestyle, one most important thing a woman wants at this stage of her life is the moral support of her family members.

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