Meditation: A way to nurture the mind and soul

The key to a happy mind and a healthy lifestyle is in our hand

In this complex world, every human being undergoes innumerable, many of which seem to be huge, complicated, and hard to solve. At times it feels like that dangerous and scary tiger of the jungle that can finish us within seconds.
It is obvious that due to the busy and competitive lifestyle, people are forced to run after money to make their lives even more comfortable and easier.
Even the kids have no time to go out and play in the open fields with their friends as we used to do in our childhood. Modern equipment and technology have made life easier but it has also made us very mechanical. Technology has also affected our relationship.
It is seen that instead of talking about the positive things we have in our lives, we are more into speaking what we don't have which in turn makes us more negative. It won't be wrong if we say that we have forgotten to count our blessings.
If speaking from a holistic point of view, we can say that the powers of our soul have started depleting and the soul is nothing, not conscious energy located at the centre of the hypothalamus which functions the body.
Meditation can be simply done by remembering God with all our love, in the same way as we remember our dear ones
The body is nothing without the soul. The soul should be fed with good food to increase its capacity as we do for our body. The "food" for the soul can be achieved through meditation. Meditation is a very simple term that means to connect to the supreme soul or supreme authority or God who is the ocean of love, bliss, knowledge, powers.
Meditation can be simply done by remembering God with all our love, in the same way as we remember our dear ones. For that, it isn't necessary to be seated in a particular position or devoting hours to it. It can be done anytime, anywhere.
The reason behind praying to God is that somewhere, we all realize that God has power and he knows everything. He is the supreme authority. So as we connect with the supreme power with all our love, his powers automatically start flowing to us as energy flows from a higher degree to a lower one.
After remembering him, he empowers us with all his powers--the power to love, the power to discriminate between good and bad, the power to face problems or any issues in life, the power to adjust in any kind of situation etc.
We become loveful, blissful, peaceful, knowledgeful and joyful. And as soon as we get empowered with these qualities, we automatically become ready to face any kind of problem or situation. Even the toughest problem will seem to be a "Paper Tiger" in front of us. And it is very obvious that when we have full stock, then only we can share it with others.
We can also share happiness, love with other people making them empowered, which will, in turn, help us earning blessings.

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