Marwari maternity hospital in Guwahati poise to set a record

This pioneer hospital will soon be setting up a record of delivering approx 2 lakh babies

Being one of the oldest maternity hospitals in Guwahati , Marwari Maternity hospital has set the record of delivering the maximum number of babies. From October 1985 to June 2016, the hospital has set the benchmark of delivering more than 1 lakh babies and this figure is about to become two lakh very soon.
To know more about the glorious journey of childbirth in the Marwari Hospitals. Fit Northeast had a chat with consultant gynaecologist and obstetrician of the hospital, Dr Dipak Kumar Sarma regarding some of the special cases and experiences he has gone through in the hospital.
A standee displaying the success story of the hospital
Image: A standee displaying the success story of the hospital
Dr Sarma said that since his association with the hospital as a consultant, he has witnessed that the patients mainly like visiting the hospital as every department works together as a very strong team. He said that this is the only 24*7 gynaecological hospital in the entire city. It was assured that even if a lady gets admitted at 1 AM, she'll get all the emergency and necessary treatments along with the immediate childbirth.
The people from the Marwari community often drop in general and in the time of need and offer us various helps like blood donation and many other necessities
Dr Sarma said that in the past few years, when the hospital was not much well-equipped, it still holds records of creating some historic cases.
A few years ago, it used to happen that some ladies came to the hospital for delivery and were detected having placenta previa in such cases, there were chances of heavy bleeding and at that time, the hospital did not have the facility of the blood bank. Since Marwari Hospitals had the immense support of the Marwari community (including Marwari Yuva Manch and Gosala Committee nearby), the people from the Marwari community used to rush to the hospital to donate blood voluntarily.
The logo of Marwari Hospitals
Image: The logo of Marwari Hospitals
Dr Sarma added that as the hospital is run by a trust, the expenses and charges are very affordable. There is also a history of having normal delivery done in Rs 500 in this hospital in the 90s. In the present times, the hospital receives many complicated cases. 
Fit Northeast also had a talk with Dr Sangita Barman (consultant gynaecologist and obstetrician) at the same hospital to know something regarding the history of the maternity department of the hospital. Dr Barman since its birth, this hospital had a good name for its top-class medical services. If given a comparative report, then it can be said that services which are provided at the maternity department of the GMCH are equivalent to the one provided in the Marwari Hospital.

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