Marwari Hospitals launches Basic Life Support Ambulance

Many senior people were present in the launching ceremony in the renowned hospital

Basic Life Support Ambulance launched at Marwari Hospitals donated by Round Table India on Saturday last: - Another good news for Marwari Hospitals as Round Table India has donated a Basic Life Support (BLS) ambulance for patient transportation at Marwari Hospitals on Saturday i.e. on 30.04.22.
The launching of the BLS Ambulance was done at 3.30 pm in the 5th floor of the auditorium room at MSB in presence of President Shri Ramesh Goenka, General Secretary R.S.Joshi, Director of Medical Services J.P.Sarma, Hospital Superintendant Rohit Upadhayay and many other staff of Marwari Hospitals.
The ambulance donation was done in the presence of the National President of Round Table India TR MORIYA PHILIP, Area Chairman TR ADITYA AGARWAL, Area Vice Chairman TR Vaibhav Jalan, Area Secretary-Treasurer Varun Jalan, Area Community Service Convener Tr Chandrakant Varma and Chairman and Tablers of various chapters were present.
The MoU after being signed
Image: The MoU after being signed
"We have seen this hospital contributing so much towards the society and so we feel to contribute something for them too. So this contribution of the BLS Ambulance for the patient care is a just a small gesture but the start of our association with Marwari Hospitals," said National President of Round Table India, TR Moriya Philip.
Moreover, he said, "We are fortunate to be associated with this hospital. Here, doctors and Hospital administration are serving day and night for the treatment of the patients. It is for them only; we have survived the pandemic of Covid 19. We are very happy about this contribution."
The MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING (MOU) is signed between Marwari Hospitals and ROUND TABLE INDIA on Saturday regarding this Ambulance donation
President of Marwari Hospitals, Shri Ramesh Goenka also said that it is a privilege to be associated with Marwari Hospitals because Marwari Hospitals is doing great work in the recent past while treating the Covid 19 patients. He added that everybody is supporting and putting their efforts for the success of the hospital.
"We ROUND TABLE INDIA, a young organization is proud to donate a fully equipped ambulance to Marwari hospital. The Fund for the ambulance was raised via contribution from individual members and their family, spouse and close friends," stated Area Chairman TR ADITYA AGARWAL.
He further stated, "In round table, our prime objective is the education of the underprivileged. In last one year, we have built almost 60 classrooms in various parts of the northeast. We also provide free meals to people on daily basis of Guwahati."
 The Basic Life Support Ambulance
Image: The Basic Life Support Ambulance
Towards the end of the program, all the members of the Round Table India were felicitated with a gamosa by the hospital authority.
The MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING (MOU) is signed between Marwari Hospitals and ROUND TABLE INDIA on Saturday regarding this Ambulance donation.

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