Manipur government to make voting easy for Covid hit

This news will give a brief about the new steps taken by the Manipur Government regarding vote casting.

Moving out of their residents to cast their valuable votes will now no longer be an issue for the senior citizens, Covid hit and the specially-abled at Manipur. The Chief Election Commissioner(CEC) of Manipur, Sushil Chandra on Tuesday said announced that for the first time in India, a section of voters including those who are aged, Covid hit and physically challenged (or special) can vote from the comfort of their homes.
The method of voting will be completely transparent and will be carried out with total secrecy after the members of the election committee visit their homes. The entire episode of the vote collection from homes will be video graphed.
The two-phased elections to the Manipur assembly will be on February 27 and March 3
The CEC said that the postal ballot facility is an optional service and it would ensure total secrecy.
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The two-phased elections to the Manipur assembly will be on February 27 and March 3. Regarding the service voters, the CEC said that an Electronically Transmitted Postal Ballot system has been instituted and 21,935 service voters, who are associated with the election process, have been mapped in Manipur and they can avail the scope.
It was mentioned that Manipur has 749 centenarian voters with Senapati district having the maximum number of 110 centenarian electors and directed with the CEC and DEC to felicitate such centenarian voters who can act as role models for the youngsters. It was highlighted that facilities including the pick-up and drop, wheelchairs, volunteer support and the postal ballot service will also be provided to those above 80.

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