Lockdown lows

While the district specific lockdowns that have been imposed in the past month have curbed the spread of the virus, a large section of people have complained that the implementation was haphazard

The stringent 14 day lockdown imposed in Kamrup Metro on 28th June that got extended by a week translated to several inconveniences for people. Particularly the people who earn their livelihoods on a day to day basis were a disgruntled lot. All services except pharmacies were shut with no provisions for movement passes like in earlier lockdowns due to observed misuse. To reiterate the seriousness of the lockdown, the Assam Police had requested the citizens to report violations and shared WhatsApp helpline numbers on July 2nd. After the first seven days of the curfew-like lockdown the government did allow house to house delivery of fruits and vegetables and allowed standalone grocery shops to function. However, neither were these vendors visible in nearly 80 percent of Guwahati and neither were the grocery shops adequately stocked. Infact some did not even have normal items like bread and fresh cottage cheese.
It was necessary to tighten the vigil over black marketeers before the imposition
We asked Guwahatians, about their views on the necessity or irrelevance of the lockdown. "When the Assam government declared the lockdown all over Kamrup Metro they should have kept a close vigil on the black marketers, as within a span of 3 days the black marketers raised the prices of daily essentials to astronomical amounts," said Alok Basumatari.
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A huge unspoken casualty of this pandemic have been patients of acute diseases like renal malfunction, cancer etc. "Since almost all the hospitals have COVID patients it is dangerous to take kidney and cancer patients for their regular sessions of dialysis and chemotherapy as these patients are anyway susceptible to infections. Moreover, many people had to cancel or indefinitely postpone their surgeries and checkups owing to the non-availability of senior doctors who are spearheading the war against COVID. Needless to say, during lockdowns these situations are aggravated," rues Rupa Baruah.

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