Lockdown and isolation is more dangerous than Coronavirus disease

Lockdown and curfew has both positive and negative impact. Lets follow the debate to know both the views.

Lockdown and isolation is more dangerous than Coronavirus disease

Introduction by the Moderator

The outbreak of Covid-19 has caused manifold problems for the entire humanity. The infectious deadly disease has taken millions of lives across the world. While treatment of Covid-19 is still under experimentation and vaccination too is not 100 per cent effective as of now, the best way out has been to prevent the virus from spreading. To reduce transmission, certain measures, including social (physical) distancing is taken by most of the countries through enforcing strict lockdown. Lockdown and curfew has both positive and negative impact. While tough social restrictions are necessary to prevent the spread of Covid-19, it is equally important to bear in mind that lockdown and other measures for social distancing should not create social isolation and loneliness with potentially serious mental and physical health consequences.
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Renbeni M Kikon

Renbeni M KikonFor

Renbeni M Kikon has completed Post Graduate in English Literature. She has been engaged in writings on physical wellness, nutrition and medicinal qualities of indigenous fruits. A teacher by profession, her passion includes creative writings, script writing and poetry compositions. Besides teaching and writing, she is also a start-up entrepreneur.

Lockdown and isolaion is more dangerous than Coronavirous disease

The two years of pandemic caused by Covid-19 has disastrously affected people across the globe. The virus being the dominant threat, in the upsurge to control the spread of this dreadful virus we forgot the larger threat caused by isolation and lockdown. Though lockdowns and isolation are the most effective and the major strategies applied as a measure to hold the spread of the virus it has affected the life of the people to a large extent - "economically, mentally, physically and socially.

The continuous lockdowns has paralyzed lives and livelihood of many. It has affected us economically, mentally as well as physically. Majority of the world population belongs to a middle class society merging to the category of hand to mouth, and this section of society is the most affected, having nowhere to fit in to earn.

Lockdowns and isolations have compelled us to remain within our own chambers or compound having no room for friends and business. In this context, people with psychological issues that need exposure and social interaction are affected to a great extent heightening their mental problems. Isolation and lockdowns had created a prison like scenario which has in fact demoralized many of us in taking forward our lives with a hope. Therefore, we may conclude that lockdowns are more harmful than the coronavirous disease itself.

Prasenjit Chakraborty

Prasenjit ChakrabortyAgainst

Prasenjit Chakraborty is a journalist from the North East India who has toured the region extensively. His areas of interests include, health, women empowerment and their mental wellness and wildlife.

Lockdown and isolaion not more dangerous than Coronavirous disease

Health comes first, specially in such pandemic situation. And, to keep people safe, there is a need to break the transmission chain of the virus and it is not possible without lockdown or isolation.

Reports in international media suggest that some countries had registered relatively high mortality and infection rates for not imposing strict lockdown.

The thought of "lockdown and isolation is more dangerous than coronavirus disease itself" wouldn't be able to compensate the loss of lives. So, if we go through this thought process, it would be a bad choice.

When it comes to economic slowdown, it can be improved to new heights but what is more important at this point of time is safety of lives.

In some cases, according to health experts, mental health issues are arising due to lockdown or isolation but when the restrictions are imposed, these are aimed at saving life of the last man of the society so that nobody suffers the pain of losing loved ones.

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